Conditions Report: All Systems Go

After a few days of of fresh snow last weekend we’ve only seen a lot of sun and crisp weather, which ain’t so bad! New this week we’ve started grooming operations at Gorman Lake with a full groom right to the lake in addition to Quartz Creek and Silent Pass. While fresh snow seems to be a thing of the future, there is still some good riding out there.

In all of our areas  the last fresh snow we got was on Sunday, December 3 so you’ll be looking hard to find fresh tracks, but they’re out there and people are still having fun. Our snow pack is still around 115 cm at the Quartz Cabin (deeper at higher elevations) but that means we’ve still got early season conditions out there and you’ve got to watch for hazards that are just below the surface, especially in areas that have not yet seen traffic this season.

Since the conditions aren’t epic for playing in the next little while, consider taking an avalanche training course and make yourself a smarter rider and a better friend if something goes sideways.

The first groom up to Gorman! Made it all the way and the snow was looking nice.

The first groom up to Gorman! Made it all the way and the snow was looking nice.

Chris Brown, Quartz Creek, Dec 2, 2017. Photo @sledbiglines

Chris Brown, Quartz Creek, Dec 2, 2017. Photo @sledbiglines

Chris Brown, Quartz Creek, Dec 2, 2017

Chris Brown, Quartz Creek, Dec 2, 2017

Snow / Weather

The last fresh snow we saw was on Sunday, December 3. We are not seeing any coming our way for the foreseeable future, but the sun will be out!   Who doesn’t need a little sunshine on the face while you’re in the mountains?


Avalanche Safety

While hazards are  moderate right now, please continually check if you choose to venture out.   Right now Avalanche Canada is warning about loose wet avalanches (normally a spring phenomenon) on rocky slopes that have a southern/western exposure as temperatures are very pleasant and those weak rays could cause a critical mass of snow to break loose.   … consider an avalanche safety course  if the pow is pounded out.

Avalanche Hazard December 12 Avalanche Problem Dec 6

Road Safety

Using a VHF radio on active logging roads is an essential part of having a safe day. Please watch our road safety video to learn more.

Economic Impact Study

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to fill out a survey at one of our trail heads. We are conducting an Economic Impact Study in the next few weeks. We’re hopeful the results of this study will help us apply for more grants to continue to make snowmobiling infrastructure better. Thank you for your patience.

Economic Impact Study questions being asked in all 3 managed areas. Photo @sledbigilnes

Economic Impact Study questions being asked in all 3 managed areas. Photo @sledbigilnes

Avalanche Training
Hey you! Get educated. For real, this isn’t a joke, playing the mountains can literally be a matter of life or death. Please get yourself educated before you venture into the backcountry.


Hangfire Winter 2017-18 Schedule  

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Good early season conditions, a little bit of fresh to be found.
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Fees: $25
Parking: Please park at main lot. The parking lot is clear with a skiff of snow on it.
Road: Watch for ice on the trail
Additional notes:

The initial few kms of groomed trail are thin snow and icy spots. Please sled cautiously and be aware of other groups, including dog sleds mid-week or late in the day. A bunch of firewood was moved on to the cabin deck on Nov 29.

Update Dec 7: We attempted a bonus groom last night but only got to the old sign.  We’ll be back up and running tomorrow.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Early season hazards! First groom pushed through Dec 6.
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday (Dec 6), Friday (Dec 8)
Fees: $25
Parking: Park at the "upper" (12 km) lot.
Road: Sanded the icy road on Dec 8. Please drive slowly and consider chains.
Additional notes: We pushed our first groom up to Gorman Lake on Wednesday night.  The trail is good to go, but please use caution and watch for early season hazards. There are some big rocks under there that take a while to cover well.

Silent Pass

Conditions: No fresh snow in a while means less pow. Long ride in and last few km is "expert only"
Grooms scheduled: Thursday (Dec 7), Saturday (Dec 9) - groomed to the creek at 56 km, then you're on your own until we get more snow.
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at 21km.
Road: Active logging to staging on weekdays. Please carry and use your radio.
Additional notes: Silent is in good condition and people have had some fun up there. Last year we parked at the 45 km; this year, because the forestry company has adjusted their operation, we’ve got parking at the 21 km. Plan for a long ride with a worthwhile objective at the end. … and watch our road safety video.

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