Avalanche Safety

Did you know the only groomed trail that is not exposed to avalanche hazard in Golden is the West Bench Trail? Even the trail to Quartz Cabin crosses avalanche paths, as low as 4 km up the trail!

If you are riding in the mountains, you need to be aware of avalanche hazards and prepared to deal with them.

1. Make sure you’re carrying avalanche safety equipment that is in good working order and you know how to use it!

2. Take an Avalanche Safety Course (or two!).  You can start here:  https://avysavvy.avalanche.ca

3. Check the avalanche forecasts and weather forecasts and know the avalanche terrain ratings for where you’re riding.
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4. Report your observations on the Avalanche Canada MIN network

We take avalanche safety seriously and we want you to, as well.  Everyday, we offer a $5 discount on our day pass rate to any person who can show proof of avalanche safety training.