Conditions Report: Silent Pass is Open!

Conditions in Golden BC right now are pretty good. We had 15cms again last night and the trees are where the best playing is to be had. It’s still early season and hazards are to be expected but things are starting to fill in quite nicely.   The big news this week is that Silent Pass has been groomed for the first time this season! Keep reading to learn more.


watch for Dog sledders on trail in Quartz.

Watch for Dog sledders on trail in Quartz.  Photo  Golden Snowmobile Rentals.


Silent Pass getting groomed on Nov 29.

Silent Pass getting groomed on Nov 29.

Fun times in Quartz. Photo Golden Snowmobile Rentals.

Fun times in Quartz. Photo Golden Snowmobile Rentals.

Snow / Weather

We’ve had approximately  18 cms in the past week . There’s  26 cms in the forecast for the Quartz Area before Tuesday morning.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.02.07 PM

Weather and Snow forecast for near Quartz Creek[/caption]


Avalanche Safety

There’s a layer in Quartz we’re calling the Black Friday Rain Crust buried approximately 85cms in the Alpine. Pull out your shovel and make acquaintances with it. Please continually check if you choose to venture out.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.04.50 PM

Avalanche Training
Hey you! Get educated. For real, this isn’t a joke, playing the mountains can literally be a matter of life or death. Please get yourself educated before you venture into the backcountry.



Quartz Creek

Conditions: Good early season sledding - powder in the trees.
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Fees: $25 Everyday
Parking: Please park at main lot. The parking lot is clear with a skiff of snow on it.
Road: Watch for ice on the trail
Additional notes: The initial few kms of groomed trail are thin snow and icy spots. Please sled cautiously and be aware of other groups, including dog sleds. A bunch of firewood was moved on to the cabin deck on Nov 29.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Thin - powder in trees. Windswept in alpine.
Grooms scheduled: None - Hopefully next week (Dec. 8 goal)
Fees: $0
Parking: People have been parking at the 8km lot.
Road: Road has been icy, drive slowly, chains recommended.
Additional notes: We’ve had limited reporting out of Gorman. Traditionally, it takes longer for Gorman to fill in than Quartz or Silent. Road is very icy to get to parking lot.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Alpine has been really good early conditions, approach is experts only
Grooms scheduled: Completed groom on Nov 29th. Dec 2 is the next scheduled groom.
Fees: $25 Thurs-Mon
Parking: Parking at 21km.
Road: Road is icy. Do not try to travel past the 21 km staging.
Additional notes: Silent has been groomed for the first time this year. If you go, shoot some pics and let us know @sledgolden. Don’t forget your VHF radio for the road.

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