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Final Week: Let's Race!April 4, 2024It's the curtain call for grooming in Golden this weekend. All the zones had a groom this week but that will be it for the season after the weekend. The Riley Suhan Race is this weekend in Quartz and...READ MORE >>Happy EasterMarch 29, 2024Easter weekend is here and it's still a great time to go sledding in Golden. There's a lot of snow coverage, there will be some new snow and bunch of sun this extended weekend. Grooming operations...READ MORE >>Snow and ColdMarch 20, 2024Winter is swinging back this week in Golden BC with heavy snow and cooler temps. There's approx 10 cms in the forecast and temps in the minus double digits. In other words, it's time to get it good in...READ MORE >>Hot SunMarch 15, 2024The sun is out and the temps are high this week in Golden. There's some great spring riding to be had but an expected spring avalanche cycle should keep everyone in mellow terrain with NO overhead...READ MORE >>Pockets of PowMarch 8, 2024Sledding in Golden is all about milking the powder pockets of goodness from last week's heavy dumpage. For those willing to search, there are still virgin bowls waiting to be shredded, for others who...READ MORE >>DEEP!February 29, 2024It's a DEEP week in Golden BC for snowmobiling; snow quality and quantity are about as good as it gets! We've had 125-150cms of new snow this week in 3 separate storm surges. It's like we got a reset...READ MORE >>Storm SnowFebruary 22, 2024There's 20-30 cms of fresh snow in the forecast this weekend and we're looking forward to its soft goodness. We've had 15-20cms of new snow already this week and combining that with the forecasted...READ MORE >>Webcams and ConditionsREAD MORE >>