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Cold Storms and Conservative Terrain ChoicesJanuary 26, 2023Winter's grip will remain firm this week as a storm rolls in with some snow and then cold clear skies will take over. There's 19 cms of new snow forecasted in the next week and grooming operations...READ MORE >>Feeling Like WinterJanuary 19, 2023It's starting to feel like winter out there with some nice recent snowfalls. However, there have been some complicated layers formed this year that require extra vigilance. There's cool temps and a...READ MORE >>Sleeper Snow DaysJanuary 12, 2023It hasn't snowed a lot lately but that doesn't mean it hasn't snowed at all. This week past we were treated to some better than forecasted snow days that made for some fun sleeper pow. We are hoping...READ MORE >>Happy Honey Hole HuntingJanuary 5, 2023The hidden honey holes in Golden are what are keeping us happy this new year so far. Knowing where they are exactly is becoming more valuable than a drum of synthetic oil. But have faith, they do...READ MORE >>Deep and SketchyDecember 29, 2022Golden has seen heavy snow and big temp fluctuations this past week and often these two make for a sporty combination.  There's currently a SPAW (special public avalanche warning) out for Interior BC...READ MORE >>Snow for ChristmasDecember 22, 2022Looks like Santa has heard the wishes of all the nice sledders and 49 cms of new snow is forecasted for the holidays in Golden BC. It's been excruciatingly cold this week past and new snow has stayed...READ MORE >>Silent KnightsDecember 15, 2022All three trail heads are up and running this weekend as Silent will see its first groom of the season this week.  There's some great powder in the fresh areas but there's still early season hazards...READ MORE >>Webcams and ConditionsREAD MORE >>