About Us

Golden, BC: Three staging areas, six signature groomed areas for snowmobiling. Eight additional riding areas. All offering a range of riding from beginner trails, through intermediate terrain, up to advanced hill climbing and extreme mountain areas. Golden has a wide variety of sledding options for everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it… come and see for yourself.

Sled Golden

Snowmobile trails in Golden, BC are maintained and managed by the Golden Snowmobile Club, also known as “SledGolden”. The Golden Snowmobile Club holds a partnership agreement with the Province of BC to manage, maintain and develop riding areas around Golden, BC. As a registered BC Society, the Club’s constitution also allows the Club to:

  • encourage safe snowmobiling, avalanche and forest service road practises;
  • assist in the event of natural disasters;
  • organize events;
  • promote the sport of snowmobiling as a winter activity; and,
  • promote Golden, BC as a snowmobiling destination of choice.

2020 - 2021 Season

COVID and the Club

The Golden Snowmobile Club is working hard to ensure the health of our employees and members this season. As snowmobiling trends toward a solitary sport, you may not notice many differences, but then again, maybe you will.

Buying tickets and memberships: our gate kiosks and staff will be outfitted with protective equipment – masks, gloves and an extra window, and we ask that all riders please pay with credit card or debit, to minimize cash transfer.

Parking Lots and Gathering Zones: please ensure you’re observing social distancing by staying 2 metres away from other riders.  While you may be comfortable with the risk, some of our other members are not so we ask that you respect their space. This includes line-ups for tickets, outhouses, and chilling outside the cabin.

Cabins and Shelters: we will be posting a maximum occupancy load for each of our two cabins.  We ask that you respect these maximums and move outside once you’re warmed up so other can also access the heated indoor space.

Otherwise, we’ll do our best to keep all services, handles, etc clean, but please make sure you’re wearing gloves and not sneezing on surfaces that get a lot of hand traffic.

Highway 1 Improvement

The long awaited twinning of the “canyon” is still going to be “awaited” this year. There are no plans for construction closures beginning this fall or winter, although there may be some disruption starting in April 2021.  We will keep you apprised of the situation via our conditions reports, with links to actual factual data and information, when it’s all available.