Feb 24, 2016 – Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions and Conditions Report

We start this grooming report by offering our sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the 2 high profile avalanche events around Golden this past weekend. On Saturday an avalanche was triggered by a group of sledders in the East Quartz area and a fatality  occurred.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering grief at this time.


We can never completely remove the risk of avalanche unless we stay home every day, but we can greatly reduce the chances of triggering one by making good choices on what terrain we  ride  and how we  ride it.  We must remember to not park in avalanche run out zones and not to load dangerous slopes with multiple participants. These are basic and essential requirements to avalanche prevention.

We can also improve chances of survival, when an avalanche is triggered, by carrying the necessary equipment for companion rescue (beacon, shovel, probe) and by also having the knowledge of how to use these pieces. An airbag backpack has  basically become  standard equipment for sledders as they have been proven to increase the chances of survival. A Spot or InReach can be the only link to the outside world for a call for help in most cases, and are worth every penny even if you only need it once. All this equipment is pretty much useless unless you know how to use it; so practice with it. It is common sense to take an avalanche course, but in case you haven’t, please be sure to take one before your next trip to the mountains.



Lastly, we want to thank the local Search and Rescue and RCMP for their constant work in backcountry safety situations.  If it weren’t for those organizations there would be no assistance at all for backcountry users. Information on how donations can be made to Golden Search and Rescue is available at http://golden.vr-sar.org/  Golden is very lucky to have a very skilled team of volunteers on its Search and Rescue.

Grooming and Fee Schedule

The grooming and fee collection schedule for the next week is as follows:

Quartz Creek
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (evenings).
Fees: Everyday  ($25/rider)

Gorman Lake

Grooms Thursday, Saturday (evenings).
Fees: Thursday-Monday ($25/rider)
Parking is at the 3.5km.

The road up to 3.5km parking lot has been very icey lately  but was  graded down to the gravel on Feb 18.

Silent Pass
Grooms  Thursday (afternoon), Saturday (evening)
Fees: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday  ($25/rider)
Parking is just past the 45 km turn off to Mcmurdo Creek

Please call your radio markers, logging trucks are big.

West Bench Trail
Last groomed Feb. 12th
Fees are paid at Gorman and Quartz toll booths.

Susan Lake
Groomed Thursday Jan 28.
No Fees

Groomed Wednesday Feb 3.
No Fees

Avalanche Conditions

Please check the avalanche conditions before you ride at www.avalanche.ca

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.38.02 PM

Here’s a video about Avalanche Conditions in the Golden Area shot on Feb 21, 2016.

Snow Conditions

KHMR has reported 12 cms in the last 7 days. We’ve had mostly clear skies lately and there is 20 cms forecasted by the end of Monday.

Good snow on mellow terrain on Feb 21, 2016

Good snow on mellow terrain on Feb 21, 2016

Here’s a video shot this week in Golden by Colin Wallace.


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.48.39 PM

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