Request for Proposals: Summer Trail Works

The Golden Snowmobile Club is the recipient of grant funding for trail improvements and development in the Quartz Creek area during summer 2017. Confirmed funding for $30,000 is for opening the Old Man FSR for groomer and snowmobile access and re-grading of the West Bench Trail to allow for better early season grooming. An additional $30,000 of unconfirmed funding (confirmation pending in July 2018) is allocated for further work on West Bench Trail and removal of boulders on Quartz Creek trail.

The Golden Snowmobile Club is seeking submissions of interest from parties willing and able to undertake these projects.

Project Description

Trail works on the project will include:

Old Man FSR

  1. Brushing, grading and culvert install on approximately 8 km of decommissioned FSR.

Intent: open road for winter grooming service.

West Bench Trail (Wyseman Corner to Quartz Creek staging area)

  1. Brushing, grading, rock & stump removal on approximately 8 km of trail.

Intent: smooth existing trail so grooming can occur with 30 cm of snow accumulation.

Quartz Creek Trail

  1. Rock removal on approximately 250m of trail.

Intent: Widen trail to assist with early season snow harvesting.

  1. Installation of small bridge at Twin Chutes

Intent: Aid in early season access with low snow for snowmobiles (not intended to support grooming machine)


  1. Installation of culvert at Gorman Lake staging kiosk

Intent: to minimize water collection near kiosk entrance in spring.

Trail work may begin immediately after the bid is awarded. All work must be completed no later than October 31, 2018.

Project Costs

The entire project must not exceed $57,000 in expenses. Due to funding limitations the entire Old Man section of the project must not exceed $15,000. We further anticipate that the Quartz Creek trail work will not exceed $10,000, leaving the balance for works on West Bench Trail.

Culverts may be supplied for the project and should be included as a separate line item on any bids.

Submission of Interest

Proposals must be received in writing, by email. All proposals must include:

  • a covering letter of introduction;
  • contact information for big proponent and key partners (if applicable);
  • a summary of relevant qualifications, skills and experience;
  • three references from relevantly similar projects; and,
  • fee schedule and total bid amount.

Proposals must be received by July 2, 2018 at 12:00 pm MST.

Proposals can be submitted to

Questions can be submitted to or by telephone call to Magi Scallion at 778-990-2453.


Bid evaluation will be executed by a small selection committee. Proposals will be evaluated on total cost and the proponent’s ability to complete the project on time and to the expected standards.

The bid will be awarded no later than July 15, 2018 and all proponents notified no later than this date.