Nov 25th Conditions Report

With all the recent snow the Golden area has received, SledGolden is fully operational with plans to have everything groomed for this weekend. The snowpack is currently sitting at 155cm in Quartz creek with about 30cm more forecasted for this week; head to the bottom of the page for links to full weather and avalanche conditions. The cooler temperatures are allowing the groomed trails to set up nicely overnight and are smooth as glass thanks to the diligent work of FastCat grooming.


Here is what the grooming and fee collection schedule is going to look like this weekend:
Quartz Creek: Grooms scheduled Nov 25,27,28,29.
Fees Nov 24-29 ($25/rider)

Gorman Lake: Grooms scheduled Nov 26,28.
Fees Nov 27-30 ($25/rider)

Silent Pass: Grooms scheduled Nov 26.
Fees Nov 27-29 ($25/rider)



Parking for Quartz is the usual plowed lot 41km west from Golden on highway 1.

Parking for Silent pass is around km 45 on the Spillamacheen North Fork (active log haul on the road)

Parking for Gorman is along the road where there is room (active log haul on the road)



Our staff at both Silent and Gorman are able to call up the logging roads on your behalf. If you have your own radio please use the following channels: Silent Pass radio channel:
North Fork FSR 152.870 (to Silent Pass)
Gorman radio channel: Dogtooth FSR 153.320

There is discussion regarding grooming the Westbench Trail as soon as this weekend; the 40 km groomed stretch connecting the Gorman Lake trail and the Quartz Creek parking lot is perfect for family outings or those not interested in the more aggressive terrain offered in the other three managed areas.

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If you are completely new to snowmobiling, the Westbench is recommended and if you would like to rent all the necessary equipment before you buy, head over to to get set up with everything from head to toe, late model snowmobiles, and experienced guides.

Questions or comments for us can be directed to the  Golden Snowmobile Club Facebook Page, we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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