Nov 20th Conditions Report

It’s game on in Golden BC with 246 cm accumulative snowfall as of Tuesday night (Nov. 17) and the mix of sun and snow forecasted for this week is going to make for an incredible weekend!

Quartz Creek

Grooming into Quartz Creek has begun and we will be charging as of Friday morning, so please have $25.00 cash ready for Uncle Norm in the ticket booth (there is no debit/visa machine out there). Excellent early season conditions can be expected with all the new snow, but with no base yet there are still surprises lurking below the surface; ride with care. Enjoy the new deck on the cabin and if you must smoke please be considerate of those that do not. Firewood is stocked under the cabin; please do not split it on the boards of the deck, there is a steel plate for chopping on.



Gorman Lake

Trail has been broken into Gorman and if you are planning on heading there, please be advised there is active logging on the main road (Dogtooth FSR) to km 7.5. Give the haul trucks right of way and slow down; [loggers] use vhf radios to keep track of who is on the road and where. Recreational users of forestry roads are encouraged to use a radio and call kilometers for their own safety as well as the truckers. For example: if two trucks with sleds are heading into Gorman call “Dogtooth FSR km 3 up, 2 pickup trucks”, when heading out of Gorman call “Dogtooth FSR km 3 down, 2 pickup trucks”. The name of the road and the radio frequency is printed on the sign at km 0 of every road. The road is slippery and parking is VERY limited with absolutely no room for an enclosed trailer. Bringing chains might be a good idea. Logging is scheduled to continue for the next 5 weeks so tune in next week and we will have an update on the grooming schedule and parking.



Silent Pass

The trail into Silent has been groomed. We’ve never seen so much snow there this time of year! The paths to the alpine are still quite “sporty” and you can expect early season conditions. Parking is at the 45km McMurdo Road turn off – just past the bridge. Active logging is occurring so be sure to carry a radio and call your markers.



Silent Pass radio channel: North Fork FSR 152.870

Gorman radio channel: Dogtooth FSR 153.320

Questions or comments for us can be directed to the Golden Snowmobile Club Facebook Page, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We ask to please support our sponsors. This weeks special call out is to Avalanche Safety Solutions who are the airbag specialists. You can rent or buy a large selection of avalanche specialty equipment from these guys.