New Board is Ready for the Season

The Golden Snowmobile Club (SledGolden) hosted their annual general meeting on Thursday, October 26.   The event was held at long-time sponsor Island Restaurant in Golden.

The 2017 meeting was the largest in many years with 14 club members attending. It was an opportunity to discuss the future of the club and also recognize the progress the club has made over the years.

Norm Buhler and Adele Statchuk were recognized for their long service for the club as gate attendants. Norm has been running the Quartz Creek gate for 20 years and Adele has been at Gorman for 15.   We are sad to see Adele retiring this season, but are happy to have Norm back in his comfortable chair.

A new board was elected with due process and three new  directors  were welcomed to the fold.   Resuming the executive  positions by acclamation were Colin Wallace (president), Matt Adamson (vice-president), Tim Grey (treasurer) and Aaron Bernasconi (secretary). Chris Soper, Evan Pitman, Rav Soomal, Luke Burley (new), Jason Paul (new) and Andrew McBride (new) form our directors at large and round out the board.


Two important items of business were addressed: membership rates and relationship with the BC Snowmobile Federation. After a review of membership rates at other nearby clubs we voted to increase our membership rates in 2018-19.   The adult rate will go up to $195 (+gst), the family membership rate will be removed and a “2nd adult” rate set at $175 (+gst).   Child/youth and senior rates will remain the same.   The club has also voted to add a discount card, the “Golden Ticket,” for $50 which will allow the bearer a $5 discount on day use rates in Golden.   Membership discounts were also discussed with a “Golden Local” discount being approved.

The club also voted to discontinue membership with the BC Snowmobile Federation.   With the rising membership rates at the provincial level and a lack of value associated with the rate increase, we felt a departure was our best way to call for change within that organization.

One of the highlights of the 2016-17 year was the receipt of a grant to improve our emergency response and preparedeness.   This resulted in not only a comprehensive emergency response plan and better traffic counting hardware, but also solar power at all of our gate kiosks and Quartz Cabin where we’ve been able to install internet and live weather/conditions reporting via weather station and web cams.   We are looking forward to many more such forward leaps in the years to come.

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