March 16, 2017 Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions

Snowmobile conditions in Golden BC are incredible at elevation right now.  We’ve had approximately 85 cms of snow this week and there’s another 30+cms on it’s way. There  has also been a lot of avalanche activity and it’s a good time to be very conservative.  Looks like temperatures are cooling down after a hot shower and there’s some sun in the forecast. Keep reading to find out more.

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Deep trail breaking into Gorman Lake on March 16, 2017  Photo @sledbiglines

Snow Beta

This week we experienced some wild weather with a lot of precipitation. The freezing level crept  to about 2000m on Wednesday, but has  since retreated lower. A colder night on Wednesday sucked some moisture out of the snow and the sledding  on Thursday (March 16 was incredible).

We’ve  had rain down low and snow and wet snow falling up high this week. We had  84 cms reported at KHMR over the week on top of the 66cm we talked about last week. That’s 150cms of snow at KHMR in the last two weeks and it’s good to note that our sled zones often get more than KHMR.  

84 cms of snow this week at KHMR

84 cms of snow this week at KHMR

Avalanche Conditions

Please always check for the latest updates.

PLEASE READ THIS BLOG: Early March Concerns

Please respect the fact that if you’re not experienced in going into avalanche terrain, you probably shouldn’t go into the mountains right now.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.16.45 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.20.04 PM


It might be hard to tell from this iPhone pic, but there’s 3 significant avalanche crowns in this shot. Many convex rolls in Quartz Creek slid during the storm. Makes you think about the ones that didn’t and if they will slide soon? Photo March 15, 2017. It’s a good time to stay away from any of these slopes.

Please play safe out there.

Avalanche caused by remote trigger on March 4, 2017 in Quartz Creek

Avalanche caused by remote trigger on March 4, 2017 in Quartz Creek


Looks like about 30cms of snow is forecast before Monday. Temps are trending cooler this upcoming week then they have been this week, and it looks like we may ever see the sun.

Snow-forecast near Quartz creek.

Snow-forecast near Quartz creek.

Riding Areas


Trails in warm weather get bumpy quick! We’re working hard to keep em flat. Here’s Kelly working hard to pave the way to Quartz cabin. Grooming operations hit a little snag last week but we have worked them out and grooms will be completed as advertised.

Quartz Creek

Conditions:  Deep powder and packed powder.
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday evenings (Fridays and Wednesdays, if needed).
Fees: Everyday  ($25/rider).
Parking:  Parking lot will be  cleared as needed. Lots of room for enclosed trailers. Portable toilets in parking lots.
Propane and firewood have both been restocked in upper cabin.  Please use conservatively.

Quartz cabin on March 15.

Quartz cabin on March 15.

Gorman Lake

Conditions:   Deep powder, powder. Crusty  till about half way up the groomed trail.
Grooms scheduled:  Thursdays and Saturdays
Fees:  Everyday ($25/rider).
Parking:  3.5km lower lot. There’s plenty room for enclosed trailers.
Road:    Expect this road to be icy in the morning. It melted out to gravel underneath this week but new snow could cover it. Our gate attendant calls in for a gravel truck on a per day basis.

The Dogtooth FSR  is a steep, winding, mountain road with big exposure off the sides. By the time you realize you’re going too fast, it’s too late. The smart driver pops it in the 1st gear and lets their engine do the breaking on the way down.  We’ve had 3 trucks off the road on the  Dogtooth FSR (Gorman Lake access) this year.

Shota pow (1 of 1)

Gorman Lake on March 16, 2017. Photo by SledBiglines

Silent Pass

Conditions: Powder. Icy down low.
Grooms scheduled: Thursdays (Saturdays if required)
Fees: Everyday ($25/rider).
Parking: Parking is about 100m  after the McMurdo turn off at 46.5km. Try not to box anyone in.  NO PARKING on the main road on weekdays please.
Road: Lower road is sanded by logging interests Monday-Friday. GSC has scheduled a sanding/plowing for March 17th and March 19th through to the 46km parking lot.


Please watch our road safety video.

West Bench Trail

Conditions: Not recommended. Groomed all the way from Gorman to Quartz on Thursday,  Feb 23, 2017
Grooms scheduled: No grooms planned until cooling temps arrive
Fees: Everyday ($25/rider) payable at Gorman or Quartz trailhead.
Parking: Park at Gorman or Quartz parking lot.

Mt. 7

Groomed on Jan 28, 2017 to the main paragliding launch. It’s snowed since but the conditions remain good.

Susan Lake

Groomed on Jan 24, 2017



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