Jan 28, 2016 – Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions and Conditions Report

It’s going to be deep this weekend in Golden with over 20cm forecasted for treeline at 1800m; with heavier snowfall predicted in the alpine at 2400m. As always, the new snow brings new avalanche forecasts so be sure to check www.avalanche.ca to stay on top of the constantly changing snowpack. Freezing levels are expected to drop to valley bottom after the weekend making it a bit slushy in town and on the highways; www.drivebc.ca has all the info you need for local highway conditions.


Thursday Jan 28th in Silent Pass Photo: Summit Communications

Thursday Jan 28th in Silent Pass Photo: Summit Communications

Thursday Jan 28th in Silent Pass Photo: Summit Communications


Thursday Jan 28th in Silent Pass Photo: Summit Communications

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.30.06 PM

Grooming is all systems go but the heavy snow brought on by higher temps is very hard on equipment so bear with us if we experience mechanical breakdowns.

The warm temps cause voodoo magic that speeds up the formation of whoops on the trail, so if perfect corduroy is on your list of things to do this weekend, plan to head up the trail early for best conditions.

Grooming and Fee Schedule

The grooming and fee collection schedule is as follows:

Quartz Creek
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (evenings).
Fees: Everyday  ($25/rider)

Gorman Lake
Grooms Thursday, Saturday (evenings).
Fees: Thursday-Monday ($25/rider)

Silent Pass
Grooms  Thursday (afternoon), Saturday (evening)
Fees: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday  ($25/rider)

West Bench Trail
Groomed Jan 20th – first full drag of the whole trail. Fees are paid at Gorman and Quartz toll booths.

Susan Lake
Groomed Thursday Jan 28.

Schedule for Jan 29


What’s In a Tire?

P265/75/16 M+S

P: This stands for ‘passenger’. Almost everything smaller than a ¾ truck has P rated tires from the factory, this means they are 4 ply or less and designed for passenger comfort and less road noise and subsequently cannot handle heavy loads (such as a deck and two sleds). It is illegal to have P rated tires on ¾ ton and bigger trucks. Bigger trucks are required to have the LT designation instead of the P which stands for light truck. It is possible to put LT rated tires on half ton and lighter trucks but it will reduce the ride comfort and increase road noise.


265: this number represents the width of the tread.

75: this number represents the height of the sidewall.

16: this number represents the diameter of the inside of the tire where it fits on the rim.

M+S: this is a rating that stands for mud and snow


In BC you are required to use winter rated tires Oct 1st to March 31st; this can be an all-season or m+s rated tire but it is recommended to have winter specific tires.

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