Jan 12, 2017 Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions

A bit of snow, high winds and cold temps have been the story this week in Golden BC. The traction has been good for exploring  and there’s still some deep  snow in the trees. If you’re coming this weekend, bring an extra layer and dark lenses for your goggles because it’s crystal clear out there.

photo by @sledbiglines @tgfg_

Brandon Wiesener blasting wind lips on Jan 10, 2017. photo by @sledbiglines

A windy Upper Holt on Jan 10, 2017. photo by @sledbiglines

A windy Upper Holt on Jan 10, 2017. photo by @sledbiglines

Moody light in Upper Holt. photo by @sledbiglines @tgfg_

Moody light in Upper Holt. That’s not a cloud, it’s spindrift from high winds.  photo by @sledbiglines  rider:


Snow Beta

There hasn’t been a ton of new snow this week although a nice storm did greet us Monday morning and those out that day got it good. As the storm ended there was a high wind event that had it’s way with the alpine. There is still deep snow in certain elevation bands in the trees and if you know where to go you can find it.

Always  remember to check the avalanche conditions.  The cold temps are the reason the avalanche forecasts remain at current levels but the winds are forming slabs that we’ve seen being easily reactive.

photo by @sledbiglines @tgfg_

A small avalanche in Holt Creek on Jan 10 is a red flag indicator of what is to come. High winds have created a some potentially problematic slabs. As temps warm and as snow loads increase these slabs could pose serious danger. photo by @sledbiglines  

**Please acquaint yourself with this important blog from Avalanche Canada regarding the recent snowmobiler avalanche death in Valemount. Our hearts go out to the affected friends and families of this tragedy.**

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.13.36 AM

KHMR snowreport from Jan 12.



Brrr. It’s been cold.  A warming trend is forecast and there are conflicting reports about how much snow it will bring.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.12.34 AM

Snow-forecast.com weekly outlook for Great Canadian Heli-skiing (near Quartz).

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.35.50 AM

Travel and Active Forest Road Safety

The highways continue to be full winter driving conditions. Please travel with care. Check out DriveBC for current conditions.

This is a truck vs logging rig accident that required an emergency helicopter evacuation in 2016. DON"T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU

This is a truck vs logging rig accident that required an emergency helicopter evacuation in 2016. DON”T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU

There have been numerous incidents in the last couple of years between logging trucks and snowmobilers. Please read the following guidelines and watch the new video we just made.

  • When entering onto an active logging road proceed with extreme caution.  
  • Never attempt to pass a logging truck. If it pulls over, it is most likely preparing to meet another truck.  
  • Every log truck has radio communication. If you do not have a radio, you are safest to follow behind a log truck and it will call your position for you.  
  • If using a radio, call your kilometre locations and indicate whether you are traveling ‘up’ or ‘down’ .
  • Always call your location when starting out from the parking lot, starting onto a new road and at the ‘must call’ signs.  
  • Always yield the right-of-way to logging trucks.  
  • There are many wide spots along the way. Anticipate the location of the loaded truck and pull into a wide spot before you meet and wait for the truck to pass.  
  • When pulling over into a wide spot, park as far up as possible to leave room behind you for others.  


Looking to buy a VHF radio so you can communicate properly on forest roads? Please call Alpine IT in Golden BC.

Riding Areas

There’s packed powder, windswept ridges and some fresh spots in all 3 of our managed areas. The winds have had their way in the alpine but you can still find good snow in the trees. All areas are groomed regularly and parking lots are cleared weekly.

Quartz Creek

Conditions:  A lot of compaction from traffic.
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday evenings (Fridays and Wednesdays, if needed).
Fees: Everyday  ($25/rider).
Parking: Regular  parking lot maintenance is occurring. Lots of room for enclosed trailers. Portable toilets in parking lots.
– Propane and firewood have both been restocked since Christmas.  Please use conservatively.

Gorman Lake

Conditions:  Packed powder – windswept alpine. Good travel. Far basins have been pushed.
Grooms scheduled:  Thursdays and Saturdays
Fees:  Everyday ($25/rider).
Parking:  3.5km ‘lower lot.’ There’s plenty room for enclosed trailers.
Road:  Has been really bad. We had 2  trucks over the bank this year. PLEASE drive slow.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Packed powder – windswept alpine. Good travel.
Grooms scheduled:  Thursdays (Saturdays if required)
Fees:  Everyday ($25/rider).
Parking:  Parking is about 100m  after the McMurdo turn off at 46.5km. Try not to box anyone in.  NO PARKING on the main road on weekdays please.
Road: Road is  currently maintained by logging interests and there is active logging all week long. It gets plowed on Sundays. Please stay out of these guy’s way. We’re working on better communication from our kiosk to avoid any collisions.

Please watch our road safety video.

West Bench Trail

Conditions:    Riding from Gorman to Wyseman corner is now good. Wysemen Corner to Quartz is  has not been groomed and is still thin.
Grooms scheduled:  Gorman to Wyseman was last groomed on  Jan 8.
Fees:  Everyday ($25/rider) payable at Gorman trailhead (or Quartz, but access is not recommended from Quartz as of yet).
Parking:  Park at Gorman parking lot.  (Quartz end not recommended)


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