Introducing Sled Golden’s New Board of Directors

The Golden Snowmobile Club’s Annual General Meeting was held on October 25 at the Island Restaurant.  The meeting was attended by eight members and one non-member.  The board of directors remains substantially the same as last year, despite the departure of three directors.

Rav Soomal and Evan Pitman have both served on the board for many years but are now facing increased time commitments with their growing businesses and families and are unable to continue their volunteer service for the club.  New 2017 director, Andrew McBride, departed Golden for the coast and is unable to remain on the board of directors.

Colin Wallace (president), Matt Adamson (vice-president), Tim Grey (Treasurer), and Aaron Bernasconi (Secretary) return to their executive positions on the board, while Jay Paul, Chris Soper and Luke Burley return as members at large.

Other special business at the AGM was updates to the Golden Snowmobile Club bylaws and constitution to more current language and communication methods.

AGM Minutes