Golden has really good mid-winter riding conditions right now. We expect to see some cooler temps, clear skies and a bit less snow this week than last week, which is a welcome change. It’s been really snowy lately and things have filled in nicely. There are a lot of moving pieces that we are trying to coordinate with operations this week. You might want to check back to this post as we will update things as they become known to us.

How It’s Been:
Conditions have been incredible lately. After snowing near everyday for three weeks, we were treated to a few days of sun and people were out getting it good everywhere.

A nice turn, up high in the sun set. Pic: @SledBiglines

A nice turn up high in the sunset. Pic: @SledBiglines

Mountain Motorsports crew have a time in Silent Pass.

Mountain Motorsports crew having a time in Silent Pass.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.17.01 AM


Seems like it will be mostly cold and clear this week with some new snow in the forecast.

16 cms in the forecast

16 cms in the forecast


We’ve had approximately 40-50 cms of snow last week and there’s about 15 cms more in the forecast.

KHMR snowreport

KHMR snowreport

Avalanche Risk

Things are still considerable in our area and it’s still a good time to be cautious. We’ve seen some big stuff let go over the last week but that doesn’t mean that we’re safe. Keep your heads up!

Twin chutes slide path in Quartz Creek on Feb 9, 2017

Twin chutes slide path in Quartz Creek on Feb 9, 2017

Avalanche conditions screen shot on Feb 15, 2017 for the Purcell Mountains

Avalanche conditions screen shot on Feb 15, 2017 for the Purcell Mountains

Please check with every day before you head out.

Road Safety

Using a VHF radio on active logging roads is an essential part of having a safe day. Please watch our road safety video to learn more.

Economic Impact Study

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to fill out a survey at one of our trail heads. We are conducting an Economic Impact Study  this winter. We’re hopeful the results of this study will help us  get more  funding to continue to make snowmobiling infrastructure better. Thank you for your patience.

Economic Impact Study questions being asked in all 3 managed areas. Photo @sledbigilnes

Economic Impact Study questions being asked in all 3 managed areas. Photo @sledbigilnes


GT OR DIE: Great news! We’ve announced Saturday April 14th as the date for this year’s GT or DIE races! It’s going to be a good time and there’s expanded events for kids during the early part of the day.

GT or Die gathering is on April 14th.

GT or Die gathering is on April 14th.

Trail Areas

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Deep powder in the trees. The usual paths are compacted and intermediate friendly.
Grooms scheduled: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
Fees: $25
Parking: Cleared daily, easier now that the snow has slowed down!
Additional notes: Quartz has seen heavy traffic but is still giving up a few powder stashes. Firewood is currently completely out but due to be re-stocked on Feb 16.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Filled in nicely.
Grooms scheduled: Fri, Sun, Tuesday
Fees: $25
Parking: Could be snowy.
Road: Road was graded on Friday, Feb 16.
Additional notes: Gorman is deep in the trees. We had high winds throughout the week. Watch the slabs.  Please be cautious on the road: it’s narrow, steep and we see trucks off every winter.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Fresh snow
Grooms scheduled: Thurs, Sat, Mon
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at 21km.
Road: Road was graded on Feb 15 - should be good to go for a while.
Additional notes:

The road to Silent is significantly improved with some grader service on Feb 15.  We’re still parking at the 21 km but now it’s easier to get there.

Lots of snow in the zone once you get there.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: A lot of new snow
Grooms scheduled: Often groomed on weekends
Fees: $25
Parking: Gorman or Quartz (see above)
Additional notes: Watch for the broken groomer on the side of the trail.  We will groom again once we can get the groomer serviced.

Avalanche Conditions

Please continually check for avalanche info

Weather Conditions

This weather report is a pretty good one that applies to most of our areas.


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