We’re calling it ‘good early season’ conditions now in Golden and to be honest, that’s a sandbag. We’ve had anywhere from 15-35cm of new snow in the past week and there’s another 30cm in the forecast. Things are pretty good now and it’s becoming a lot reasonable to dangle in the fresh pockets since Tuesday night’s dumpage. Zip up your collar cause the white stuff is flying…game on!

Tuesday night we got hammered with more snow than forecasted. There’s been some pretty tasty moments out there this week. You should probably call in sick on Friday…

Having fun in the tress on Dec 4. Andy Bostock photo

Having fun in the tress on Dec 4. Andy Bostock photo



Weather and snow near Quartz

Weather and snow near Quartz

Check out our webcam, weather data (including snowfall) and the local weather forecast on our webcams page:  www.sledgolden.com/webcams-and-condition


With a lot of new snow the avalanche conditions are bound to get more complex.  Please check out avalanche bulletins (https://www.avalanche.ca/map/forecasts/purcells) each time you go.

screen shot of purcell forecast on Dec 4, 2019

screen shot of purcell forecast on Dec 4, 2019

screen shot of Glacier National Park forecast

screen shot of Glacier National Park forecast

If you can ride in the mountains you’re probably travelling in avalanche terrain. Please be careful and submit what you see to the MIN Network.

Not sure what this all means, or want more info, come to Quartz on Friday, December 6 and learn directly from one of the peeps who creates these reports.  Avalanche Canada will have a forecaster showing us the MIN, talking about forecasting and leading some partner rescue training.  More info here: https://sledgolden.com/canadian-avalanche-association-x-sled-golden/


Prestige Inn has a sledder rate – good all winter.  20% off per night when you book with the code SLED online or call 250-344-7990 and tell them you’re a sledder to get the sled rate.

Travel on Logging Roads

Please observe proper safety on the logging roads. Radio channel in Silent is RR3 (150.140)

Trail Areas

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Pretty darn good.
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, THURSDAY, Saturday, Sunday *updated Thursday*
Fees: $25
Parking: Plowed recently
Road: n/a
Additional notes:

We’re happy to report that Quartz is now getting full grooms from the parking lot to the cabin and the roads to the alpine are now in. We adjusted our groom from Friday to Thursday this week to accommodate for snowfall and that we might not be able to get a full groom in with avalanche conditions on Friday night.

It’s really snowy in the trees. We’re almost ready to call it deep!

PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE PARKS! Don’t sled past a sign and in to the National Park. This seriously impacts our relationship with the Park and our ability to keep areas open and open new areas. We don’t have caribou in Golden, but we are not immune from closures.

Please note that avalanche safety protocols sometimes affect our grooming schedule. Ask the gate staff in the morning about the last groom.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Still thin
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Saturday *updated Thur Dec 5*
Fees: $25
Parking: 10.5 km parking lot. - Trailers NOT recommended.
Road: Road is really slippery to 4km - There's logging happening up to the 9 km mark Use Radio RR27 / 151.37
Additional notes:

We got the groomer to the top last week and will try again Friday this week. Gorman is still the thinnest of our 3 gates in terms of snow accumulations. In other words, just go to Quartz or Silent this weekend if you can.

Please be aware of active logging on the road. The Radio Channel is RR27 or 151.37

Silent Pass

Conditions: Yuuup. Pretty Great!
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Saturday
Fees: $25
Parking: 46km - The parking lot is small, do not park where it is posted no parking.
Road: Please use radios on FSR. Channel is RR3 (150.140)
Additional notes:

We’re imagining the riding is going to be pretty good out in Silent.

We’re just getting the parking lot established. Signs have been ordered but may not be up this weekend. Please keep in mind there is active logging taking place very near to the parking lot. Please do not follow the plowed road to the “end” or park in signed no-parking areas. Riding a snowmobile on a plowed road is illegal, so if you can’t snag a spot in the lot drop off your sled and park elsewhere, don’t ride on the road.

Logging operations are ongoing this year and you can expect to drive to the 46km mark this year. That means you must have a VHS Radio in your vehicle to travel down the active logging road.  Check out our video on logging road etiquette here.  The Radio Channel is RR3 or 150.140.


Westbench Trail

Conditions: Very thin
Grooms scheduled: none
Fees: none
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Probably a mistake this weekend.

Old Man

Conditions: thin
Grooms scheduled: none
Fees: none
Parking: Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Probably too early.

East Quartz

Conditions: none reported
Grooms scheduled: see Quartz
Fees: see Quartz
Parking: Quartz
Road: N/A
Additional notes: too early.

Avalanche Conditions


Weather Conditions



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