Future Gorman Cabin given boost by Donation in memory of Dave Petersen

Don’t follow Dave! Or DFD as his friends would say, because they had to say it so often.

Dave Petersen was an intrepid snowmobiler, visiting Golden most winter weekends to play in the mountains. He was famous for his enthusiasm and for his tendency to disappear at the end of the day, always finding an unplanned adventure on what is supposed to be a chill ride back to the trucks.

It’s for people like Dave that the Golden Snowmobile Club has applied to develop a cabin in the Gorman riding area. A place to have lunch, warm up, and also take shelter if your day of adventure turns out longer than anticipated. Similar to the cabin at Quartz, the future Gorman cabin will have safety supplies, internet connectivity, and weather monitoring.

When Janelle Petersen and Wayne Seemann heard that a new cabin was in progress for the Gorman riding zone, they did not hesitate to offer support in Dave’s memory. Dave’s daughter, Janelle, says, “Dad just loved snowmobiling and I spent so many weekends in Golden with him while growing up. We have so many great memories of his antics here and I am so excited that we can leave a lasting legacy in his memory.”


Matt Adamson receives a $50,000 donation from Janelle Peterson for the future Gorman cabin. Left to Right: Jay Paul, Magi Scallion, Matt Adamson, Janelle Petersen, Wayne Seemann; front: Wyatt and Jordyn Seemann.

Construction of a cabin at Gorman is expected to cost approximately $200,000. This $50,000 donation gives the club as significant starting point and will be used to leverage grants and other funding to reach the $200,000 goal. The club is stoked to have Janelle, Wayne, Wyatt and Jordyn on board as donors, members, and friends.  We could not think of a better person than Dave to name our newest cabin after.

While the club waits for the permanent structure to be approved, a mobile cabin has been dragged into the Gorman zone. This little number was dragged into the zone in late January and will be similar to Where’s Waldo as it will be moved within the zone every couple weeks to meet crown land regulations. Once the club gets approval to build the permanent structure, the mobile cabin will be used for events or in other riding zones that need the shelter option.

The mobile cabin was made possible by the support of Columbia Basin Trust, the Town of Golden and the CSRD Area A. It will get a new coat of paint, a rooftop patio and a fold-out deck over the summer so it will be a whole new adventure to find it next winter.

Are you interested in donating to the Golden Snowmobile Club projects and programs? Please contact snowmobile@snowmobilegolden.com to find out how we can work together.

New mobile emergency shelter in Gorman...

New mobile emergency shelter in Gorman…