Feb 11, 2016 – Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions and Conditions Report

It’s been an epic week here in Golden BC and riding conditions have ranged from incredible to pretty good, depending on what the temperatures have done. We’ve had over 50 cms of snow in the past 7 days with 5 new at Kicking Horse Resort   (Feb. 10). Golden is typically a great spot when the rest of the province gets warm and  this weekend should prove that as temperatures are going to drop and more snow is forecasted. Tropical temperatures down low have made the roads a little messy so be sure to bring the cover for your sled and some change for the car wash. It’s a good idea to wash the road salt and grime off your sled (and truck); not only does it contribute to rust but also leads to premature wear of ball joints, tie rod ends, and other moving parts on the chassis.


Handlebar deep in Quartz on Feb. 6. Photo: Summit Communications


Playing in Quartz on Feb. 6. photo Summit Communications

Just under 20 cm of new snow should be rolling into town starting Thursday and it is promising to be the light dry fluffy stuff we are all used to as freezing levels are going to stay under 2000m for Saturday and Sunday. New snow, rising freezing levels, and wind in the alpine will be re-changing the avalanche conditions daily so check www.avalanche.ca before you head out.

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Grooming and Fee Schedule

The grooming and fee collection schedule is as follows:

Quartz Creek
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (evenings).
Fees: Everyday  ($25/rider)


Quartz Cabin is cleaned, the wood is stocked and it’s ready to enjoy this weekend.

Firewood for the Quartz creek cabin is in the trailer on the opposite side from the outhouse; the axe, hatchet, and chopping block are all on the deck. Thank you to everyone that has been lending a hand and cleaning snow off the deck and keeping the cabin tidy. The cabin is for everyone to enjoy and because of its remote location in the backcountry, maintenance and repairs are more difficult to organize than a building in town. The cleaner the cabin in Quartz is kept the better our chances will be for getting permission to build a cabin in Gorman. Oops, did we just let the cat out of the bag?

Gorman Lake
Grooms Thursday, Saturday (evenings).
Fees: Thursday-Monday ($25/rider)
Parking is at the 3.5km.

The road up to 3.5km has been gravelled but remains full of icey ruts.

Silent Pass
Grooms  Thursday (afternoon), Saturday (evening)
Fees: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday  ($25/rider)
Parking is just past the 45 km turn off to Mcmurdo Creek

Please call your radio markers.

West Bench Trail
Groomed Jan 20th – first full drag of the whole trail. Fees are paid at Gorman and Quartz toll booths.
Scheduled to be groomed Feb. 12 morning.

Mt. 7
Scheduled to be groomed on Feb 14 (subject to appropriate temps).
No Fees

Susan Lake
Groomed Thursday Jan 28.
No Fees

Groomed Wednesday Feb 3.
No Fees

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Riding the groomed (or ungroomed) trail into your favorite sledding area can sometimes be the hardest part of the day on your machine depending on trial conditions and temperatures. Cold temps keep the trail smooth longer throughout the day, but doesn’t allow for much snow to get kicked up so be sure to put your scratchers down to get some snow into the sliders and track. Warmer temps making the trail slushy will get more snow in the skid to lube the sliders and track, but now overheating is an issue. Warm temps also cause the trail to get whooped out quicker and adding more wear and tear to the suspension. How tight your track is will contribute to heat and wear factors as well and is an easy adjustment with specifications available in your owners manual. If grabbing the tool kit intimidates you, let the professionals do your maintenance;

Golden has two snowmobile dealerships with competent and qualified technicians.


Mountain Motorsports is the authorized dealer for Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and now Polaris.


Motortech is the only authorized Ski Doo dealer between Calgary and Kelowna.

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