Executive Director Role – SledGolden

The Golden Snowmobile Club and the Golden Snowmobile Trail Society, together as SledGolden, are seeking to fill an Executive Director role. Reporting to the board of directors of both organizations, the ED will manage and administrator all aspects of SledGolden including: grooming operations, grant writing, marketing, sponsorships, membership relations, events and other administration duties such as bookkeeping, budgeting and liaison relationships with government and the BCSF.

Specifically SledGolden needs assistance in the following areas:


  • Oversee the creation of a 5 year strategic plan, which outlines the important direction that SledGolden plans to take.
  • Write grants and achieve the support needed to fulfill the direction outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Create and adhere to annual budgets and income forecasts.
  • Manage cash flows and file appropriate paper works regarding financial matters.
  • Maintain communications with many government and community organizations such as: Parks Canada, Ministry of Rec Sites and Trails, Town of Golden, Tourism Golden, other non-profit user groups, etc.

Maintain Grooming Operations  

  • Oversee the requirements laid out in the Area Management Plan that SledGolden has with the provincial government.
  • Manage and amend contractor relationships, requirements and oversee fulfillment of: grooming, parking lot clearing, road maintenance, summer brushing, garbage collection, firewood, sanitation, signage, etc.
  • Manage staff contracts, schedules and duties (cash handling, customer relations, Worksafe BC).
  • Manage custodial duties in parking lots, cabin(s), and outhouses.
  • Set trail pass and day fees and collection of customer metrics.
  • Oversee installation of a digital POS system at trailhead for gate fees.


  • Support grooming operations by encouraging new and repeat customers.
  • Oversee production of branding objectives, press releases, grooming reports, social media postings, trade shows, logo wear and other initiatives.
  • Be a liaison with and look to secure funding from other marketing organizations such Tourism Golden and Destination BC.
  • Be a spokesperson for our organization.


  • Foster and secure current and new sponsors and see the fulfillment of sponsor program obligations.

Member Relations

  • Foster a thriving community of snowmobile and power sport enthusiasts who participate in Snowmobile Club membership and give back to the community.
  • See the creation of new events (competitions, rides, demonstrations).
  • Foster a talent pool for future board of director members.


The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, able to handle multiple tasks without constant oversight, have a comprehensive understanding of snowmobiling issues and be able to execute the objectives of the board of directors within a fixed budget.

SledGolden is open to the nature of the agreement that the ED may take. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive plan about the arrangement that they seek (employee or contractor), what their availability will be and how hours worked will be compensated. A solution about office space, office equipment, communication equipment, field equipment, WorkSafe BC and liability insurance will need to be identified as well.  The ED role is a year-round, part-time commitment.

The maximum spend that SledGolden can afford for the fulfillment of this role is $30,000.

The application process:

SledGolden asks interested parties to submit a written proposal that outlines their approach to the above objectives as well as any others that they see fit.

The deadline for submission for written proposals is 12pm MST on Sept 12, 2016. Proposals should be submitted in an email to info@sledgolden.com and be labeled ‘Executive Director Application’ in the title. The board of SledGolden will review the received proposals and invite desired proponents to an interview hosted by the board of directors, on Thursday, Sept 15, 2016 (evening). A decision can be expected by Sept. 19, 2016.

All inquires regarding this position can be made to Tim Grey via email at tim@summitcommunications.ca