End of Season Goodbye and Thank You

The tropical temps have turned the snowpack into mush on south facing slopes and boilerplate on north facing aspects; not only has the heat wave got us thinking about camping and other summer activities, but SledGolden has decided to end the grooming program due to challenging conditions down low on the trails. It is still possible to get into the alpine to sled, but at your own risk.

For those of you planning on heading to Chatter Creek for some spring riding, be advised they have cancelled their sledding program this year. It is still possible to go up there but not recommended; there is a potential washout at 1.5km on the B road around Kinbasket Lake with rumors of closing the road altogether to avoid any incidents or further damage.

SledGolden would like to thank everyone that came to Golden this winter; we had a great season and have big plans to expand our grooming program in the future and are taking the necessary steps to construct a cabin in the Gorman Lake drainage. Thank you for all the feedback in emails, Facebook and Instagram comments and messages, hearing from you helps us make sledding in Golden better. Thank you to everyone that helped keep the Quartz cabin clean of garbage inside and out, thank you to everyone that helped clean snow around the cabin and outhouse, and thank you to everyone that respected the national park boundaries.

Thank you to Fast Cat grooming for keeping the trails groomed along with the many other tasks that were integral in making this year a success.

Thank you to all  our staff attendants for being our faces and ears out on the trails, keeping track of numbers helps us adjust grooming schedules to maximize the quality of the trail system.

Thank you to all of our sponsors because with their support, SledGolden is able to get a head start on paying bills throughout the season as well as form partnerships to work towards improving our local economy.

Thank you to our volunteers who keep sledding in Golden alive and well.

Have a great summer and see you next season!