Dec 23, 2015 – Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions and Conditions Report

Happy holidays! Everyone from SledGolden would like to wish you all the best. We hope you have a great stay in Golden and enjoy  the 25cm of powder forecasted for our area this week. It’s a 1 meter party: we hit 100cm of snowpack in all of our three areas this week! Way ahead of schedule, this has been our best start to winter in a long time. Raise your glass to El Nino!


Great sledding conditions in Golden BC this week. Photo: Colin Wallace

100cms of settled snow at low elevations.

100cms of settled snow at low elevations.

Gorman Lake Parking

The upper parking lot at 14km for Gorman has been plowed with lots of room to handle enclosed trailers and the road is in great shape. The road is a bit narrow at spots getting up there so drive cautiously.


Cleared parking lot for Gorman Lake @ 14km

Extra Grooming

Extra grooming in all three areas starting Monday December 21st till Monday January 4th will help keep the bumps down and the cooler temps hovering around -15 C will keep things crisp and fast. We will have attendants at the gate collecting fees a few more days over the holidays to help cover the costs of the extra grooming. A huge thanks to Kelly and the rest of the Fast Cat staff for putting in OT in the groomer when everyone else is taking a break and having fun.


Smoothing whoops while it dumps snow at Silent Pass.

Firewood for the Quartz

Firewood for the Quartz cabin is underneath and accessible from the north-west side of the building; please use it sparingly in the woodstove inside; please no outdoor bonfires. The chopping block and axe are on the deck and the hatchet for kindling is inside the cabin; please use the chopping blog and refrain from splitting wood on the decking. If the garbage cans are full let Norm in the booth know and we will address it immediately.


Westbench Trail

The Westbench Trail is groomed from Gorman to Wiseman corner. Enjoy our beautiful trail ride with no avalanche hazards.


Taking in the views on the Westbench Trail


Nicely groomed Westbench Trail


Get in Touch

As always, you can reach us on our Facebook page with any questions or concerns, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Avalanche Saftey

Please visit  to know the avalanche conditions.


Registered Sleds

We’ve had conservation officers checking for sled registrations frequently at the parking lots so make sure you’re playing by the rules. You can read more on BC’s new ORV act in our Dec 9 Grooming Report.  


Support Our Sponsors

If you are looking to get a head start on everyone else to get at the fresh snow but need to fuel up yourself and your sled, the Husky Travel center on the highway is open at 6 AM for breakfast with specials for sledders on Saturday and Sunday. The convenience store and gas station is open 24 hours.

If you are here for a few days over the holidays and looking for family friendly activities head over to our friends at for more ideas and events on post sledding activities.