Dec 16, 2015 – Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions and Conditions Report

The cooler temps are back and that means smooth as glass grooming for the weekend; thanks for bearing with us through the warm spell that made it difficult to keep the trails whoop free. Riders can expect powder and packed powder this weekend. KHMR  (our local ski resort)  received 44cms of new snow in the past 7 days and often our sled zones get more. The best riding is still in the trees.


A rider enjoys late evening light during a recent high pressure weather window.

A rider enjoys late evening light. Photo: Summit Communications

Avalanche Saftey

Please visit  to know the avalanche conditions.


Grooming and Fee Schedule

The grooming and fee collection schedule is as follows:

Quartz Creek
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (evenings).
Fees: Everyday  ($25/rider)

Gorman Lake
Grooms Thursday, Saturday (evenings).
Fees: Thursday-Monday ($25/rider)

Silent Pass
Grooms  Thursday (afternoon)
Fees:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday  ($25/rider)


New Groomer!

Not only is the warm weather hard on the trail but extremely hard on the equipment, and when a breakdown happens the groomer can’t be towed to a warm shop to be repaired. The problem must be diagnosed on the trail (in the dark), then the mechanic has to drive into town to get parts or order them if they are not in stock, and then return to repair the groomer. Fast Cat Grooming takes care of all of SledGolden’s grooming. Kelly is the driver and mechanic which makes for some long days and longer nights.  With the help of a few other drivers, Fast Cat lays down some of the best corduroy in the grooming game. With the addition of a new groomer, the fleet is up to three making transporting a machine between Gorman and Silent pass an inconvenience of the past.

New groomer purchased by Fastcat Grooming

New groomer purchased by Fastcat Grooming


Gorman Lake Parking Update

The log haul on the Dogtooth FSR to Gorman Lake has made using the lower parking lot impossible so far this season, and the small parking lot at the 7.3 km mark is only big enough for half a dozen trucks and a large enclosed trailer would be difficult to turn around. We have plans to  plow the road to  the upper parking lot past the Westbench Trail turn off (at 14km) on Friday. There should  be more than enough parking for any size truck and trailer up there. We apologize for any inconvenience the limited parking last weekend created and the new parking lot will be ready to go for the weekend.


Westbench Trail Update

The Westbench trail is groomed from Gorman to Weisman corner and we hope to have it groomed all the way to the Quartz parking lot after the next snowfall. Hit us up on our Facebook page for questions about opening the rest of the trail.


West Bench Trail is groomed from Gorman to Wiseman Corner



The overhanging snow has been removed from the cabin in Quartz, if you notice anything that requires immediate attention send us a message on our Facebook page and we will address it as soon as possible.


New Snow Observations

SledGolden is now working  to fulfill all the requirements outlined in our ASP (Avalanche Safety Plan) as per provincial regulations. Part of this plan is taking snow observations regularly. We’ve installed snow observation stations at all 3 of our maintained areas and will be monitoring them weekly.


New Quartz snow observation station.


Support Our Sponsors

If you have a long day punching into a new zone and come out in the dark or a breakdown on the trail and end up getting back to town late check out our sponsor Red Tomato Pies for late night delivery or take-out pizza. for online ordersor 250 344 4444.