Conditions Report: Storm Snow

There’s 20-30 cms of fresh snow in the forecast this weekend and we’re looking forward to its soft goodness. We’ve had 15-20cms of new snow already this week and combining that with the forecasted totals should mean some excellent sledding coming up. Temps look to be seasonally average, with trends toward even cooler temps by the end of the weekend and into early next week.  Avalanche conditions remain at moderate for now, but are likely to go up when the big snow hits. Grooming ops are in full swing and our crew is ready to keep the trails smooth and parking lots clear.

Wheelies in pow on Feb 19, north of Golden

A pocket of fresh in Gorman on Feb 19


Looking down onto Gorman Lake with the pass to Lang on the left on Feb 14, 2024


TCH-1 Highway

BIG NEWS! Highway 1 is fully open east of Golden with NO scheduled stoppages and overnight closures.: Kicking Horse Canyon Calendar 

Warning! – Just east of Quartz the frost heaves are worse than ever this year. Slow down if you’re hauling weight…

CALL YOUR KMS!. Please note there is a lot of industrial traffic on the Dogtooth FSR this year. Grab a radio and call up on RR27

Snow & Weather


We’ve had 15-20cms of snow in the past week and there’s 20-30cms more in the forecast set to fall by Monday. Add that up and you’ve got a pretty decent amount that could get freshies flying over the bars again. Temps remain cool and look to go cold by Monday; this will help preserve what we’ve got.


Fresh snow in Gorman on Feb 15

Fresh snow in Gorman on Feb 15

snow forecast for northern Golden ranges on Feb 22

Avalanche Safety

Avalanche Conditions

Check everyday you ride!

From on Feb 15: “Before committing to a slope, carefully assess steep, rocky, and wind-affected areas where triggering slabs is more likely.”

Travel and Terrain Advice from Feb 15:

  • Watch for newly formed and reactive wind slabs as you transition into wind affected terrain.
  • In areas where deep persistent slabs may exist, avoid shallow or variable depth snowpacks and unsupported terrain features.

screen shot of on Feb 22; Purcells

slab in Holt on Feb 19



Grooming operations are in full swing this weekend and trails are staying smooth with the cold temps.

smooth base area and trails above the cabin in Quartz on Feb 10

Staging Areas Latest Info

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Pockets of soft snow. Alpine is where it's best.
Grooms scheduled: As needed
Fees: $30/sled
Parking: main parking lot. Trailers in upper east lots - sleds on trucks in lower west

Silent Pass

Conditions: Pockets of soft snow. Alpine is where it's best.
Grooms scheduled: As needed.
Fees: $30/sled
Parking: 47Km on McMurdo road
Road: Logging activity past the 47 km turn off. Use a radio to call you kms.
Additional notes:

Road was plowed on week of Feb 5. Gnarly frost heaves at 30-31 km got filled with gravel on Feb 7. Tight access on the last couple kms; use your radio to communicate. Parking lot is good for trailers.


Gorman Lake

Conditions: Lots of soft snow. Alpine is where it's best.
Grooms scheduled: as needed
Fees: $30/sled
Parking: lower 3.5 km lot
Road: A lot of active logging traffic on road. Call your kms! RR27
Additional notes: FSR is very slippery. Be cautious, especially coming down.



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