Conditions Report: Low Tide

It’s late November and you want to go sledding. Should you? Probably not, but if being patient for more snow is not your thing, here’s what you’ll want to know about snowmobiling in Golden this weekend.

We could talk about how expectation management should always be applied to your sledding trips, but this week, we really mean it. The facts are that it is still low tide out in our mountains and there are a lot of hazards still. It’s not a good weekend to bring your beginner buddy and the name of the game right now is tread lightly. With all that said, if you’re really just wanting to get out in the mountains and have a look around, there’s enough snow to do it. In fact, the coverage is is even running down to our parking lots.

Looking into Upper Holt on Nov 20th

Looking into Upper Holt on Nov 20th

Just past Gorman Lake on Nov 20, 2019.

Just past Gorman Lake on Nov 20, 2019.


It’s going to be a nice weekend with sun and moderate temps. Hopefully a good blast of snow too.

Weather and snow forecast for near Quartz.
Weather and snow forecast for near Quartz.

Check out our webcam, weather data (including snowfall) and the local weather forecast on our webcams page:


There’s not an avalanche report yet for the Purcell mountains but Glacier National Park has one up.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 9.33.24 PM

Check out avalanche bulletins ( each time you go.

If you can ride in the mountains you’re probably travelling in avalanche terrain. Please be careful and submit what you see to the MIN Network.


We’re just getting going. We’re starting with a partial groom in Quartz this weekend.

Travel on Logging Roads

Please observe proper safety on the logging roads. Radio channel in Silent is RR3 (150.140)

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Low Tide
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Saturday, Partial Groom - Parking lot to pillow factory
Fees: $10 / Sled
Parking: Plowed but watch out for soft spots
Road: n/a
Additional notes:

There’s enough snow to groom from the parking lot to the pillow factory. This is a partial groom and we will be charging less than half our normal rate.

Conditions are thin at Quartz but you can still get around.

PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE PARKS! Please don’t sled past a sign and in to the National Park. We got called this week from Parks Canada and they are going to up their enforcement in the area.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Bleak
Grooms scheduled: none
Fees: none
Parking: 14km parking lot.
Road: Road is really slippery to 4km
Additional notes: Gorman is really thin. We can’t recommend it. People have been up and over into Holt though. Tread carefully.

Silent Pass

Parking: 46km - there is not a plowed area for parking yet. Do not follow the plowed road "to the end" looking for one.
Road: Please use radios on FSR. Channel is RR3 (150.140)
Additional notes:

We have no data from Silent. Have you been there? Let us know.

Logging operations are ongoing this year and you can expect to drive to the 46km mark this year. That means you must have a VHS Radio in your vehicle to travel down the active logging road.  Check out our video on logging road etiquette here.  The Radio Channel is RR3 or 150.140.

Parking – there is not a plowed area for parking yet. Canfor is logging past our normal 46 km parking area to the north and to the west.  Please do not follow the plowed road to the “end”.  You can park carefully on the edge of the road, immediately across the bridge at the 46 km point and ride out Silent Pass trail until we have a designated area.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: Very thin
Grooms scheduled: none
Fees: none
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Probably a mistake this weekend.

Old Man

Conditions: thin
Grooms scheduled: none
Fees: none
Parking: Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Probably too early.

East Quartz

Conditions: none reported
Grooms scheduled: see Quartz
Fees: see Quartz
Parking: Quartz
Road: N/A
Additional notes: too early.

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