Conditions Report: Snow is Melting Fast


It’s been feeling a lot like summer time out there.  The amount of snow that’s melted in the last week is nothing short of incredible, but luckily we had a lot of padding. While the parking lots are getting muddy and soft, especially toward the end of the day, the trails are still snowy right to the parking areas and there is still lots to get after.


We’re rolling into our events season here in Golden and have got some great ones to check out.

Riley Suhan Invitational / April 6 – The first real mountain snowmobile race, now in its second year.  We’ve got a few more registration spots available this year but sign up soon before they’re gone.  Register and get more info here…

Season End Celebration and Silent Auction / April 11 – The Cedar House Restaurant is hosting our season end wrap-up event. Enjoy a 3-course meal while hearing about how the season played out for the club.  There will also be a Silent Auction with some really great prizes! Limited spots available – call 250-344-4679 to book your table.

GT or Die / April 20 – A classic season ender here in Golden. Bring your favourite GT snow racer to Quartz cabin and challenge others in head-to-head racing on an alpine course.  More info here… 

Avalanche Safety

Check out avalanche bulletins ( each time you go.  Conditions are moderate across the board right now but things can change fast. Avalanche forecasts are updated daily and conditions can change quickly. If you can ride in the mountains you’re probably travelling in avalanche terrain. Please be careful and submit what you see to the MIN Network.


The temperatures have stabilized a bit and we’re getting some more overcast and and precipitation. This is positive for snow preservation but the conditions are definitely still very spring.




Check out our webcam, weather data (including snowfall) and the local weather forecast on our webcams page:


We’re dialling things back here at the end of the season and will be mostly grooming “by the numbers” for the next few weeks.  That means if we get 80+ sleds at any area it will get an auto groom.  We’ll also stick to the basic schedule outlined below to make sure things are well-tuned.

*Please note: GSC grooming operations are responsive to WorkSafe BC protocols for avalanche safety and working alone. This means the GSC grooming operations are under the direction of a professional avalanche forecaster, who, at times, applies limits to the terrain that the groomer can pass through and this may affect the grooming product. The turnaround points are normally at 11 km in Quartz, 14 km in Gorman, and 48 km at Silent. Please adjust your expectations accordingly. *

Donations NEEDED!

GORMA needs to raise $7500 to cover the costs of insurance for the moto track in Golden.  We are accepting donations at all of our trailheads and via our online store.
Make a donation here: (update the quantity amount to increase your donation).

Travel on Logging Roads

Please observe proper safety on the logging roads. Radio channel in Silent is RR3 (150.140)

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Mostly firm snow with some fresh if you look for it.
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Fees: $25 / Sled
Parking: Dirt and mud
Road: n/a
Additional notes:

Snow is still trail covered and staying flat.

PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE PARKS! Please don’t sled past a sign and in to the National Park. We got called this week from Parks Canada and they are going to up their enforcement in the area.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Good coverage.
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Sunday
Fees: $25 / Sled
Parking: 4km parking lot - the new lot is quite soft.
Road: Road is mostly mud and dirt. Watch for frost heaves.
Additional notes: Trail is still snow-covered from our lower staging area.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Packed Powder
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Sunday
Fees: $25 / sled
Parking: 24 km lot is dirt and mud.
Road: Please use radios on FSR. Channel is RR3 (150.140)
Additional notes:

Trail is still snow covered.

Logging operations are ongoing this year, currently up a spur off the FSR at 21 km. Therefore you can drive to the 24km parking lot but expect to encounter industrial vehicles nearly the entire way. Please review our road safety video and drive with care.

Summit Lake riders: The logging operation has cleared a small parking area about 2 km up the spur road at the 21 km.  Do not park at the normal parking at 21 km and ride on the plowed road.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: Flat, watch out for wet spots as these temperatures rise.
Grooms scheduled: None scheduled.
Fees: $25 payable at Gorman or Quartz kiosk
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Good condition and staying flat.

Old Man

Conditions: Packed powder
Grooms scheduled: None scheduled
Fees: $25, payable at Quartz
Parking: Quartz
Road: n/a

East Quartz

Conditions: Packed powder
Grooms scheduled: None scheduled
Fees: $25, payable at Quartz
Parking: Quartz
Road: N/A

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