Conditions Report: Deep Dish

2019 started off where 2018 left off, in deep pow and there’s no sign of it letting up. In fact, as good as last week was, this week’s forecast makes 2018 look like chump change! It’s hard to believe it’s only January but there’s no rest for the wickedly awesome, so anyone sledding in Golden this week is likely to have a good time (if powder is your thing) With over 60cms+ in the forecast it’s time to just enjoy the lower angles and let things settle, which means stay away from avalanche terrain. No sense tempting fate with steep slopes. Our grooming operations team has been doing their best to keep up and stay safe during these storms. Please check back repeatedly to find the most current info as we do update this page as soon as we know how things are going to be.

How it’s Been

Last week was pretty great. We had some snow and blue and a lot of people who were stoked.

One of the deepest pushes into Silent. Trying to keep up.

One of the deepest pushes into Silent. Trying to keep up.

oh yeah. more pow pow with the Mountain Motorsports crew. Photo @sledbiglines

Oh yeah. More pow pow with the Mountain Motorsports crew. Photo @sledbiglines

Snow and Weather

KHMR reported 35cms last week, but honestly, it felt like more.

KHMR says we only got 35cm last week, but it felt like more. Have you seen the forecast?

KHMR says we only got 35cm last week, but it felt like more. Have you seen the forecast?

It’s going to dump this week! There’s 64cms in the forecast and the temps are cold. Your boss won’t even notice you’re gone…. cough cough.

You never really know how a day in the mountains will go unless you’re there, but can give you an idea.

64cms in the forecast!

64cms in the forecast!

Avalanche Conditions

There’s A LOT of snow coming this week. Obviously this is a time to tap’r cool. Play in low hazard areas and have a blast.

Check out avalanche bulletins each time you go.  They’re updated daily and conditions can change quickly. If you can ride in the mountains you’re probably travelling in avalanche terrain. Please be careful and submit what you see to the MIN Network.

Purcells Avalanche Forecast on Jan 2

Purcells Avalanche Forecast on Jan 2

Glacier NP Avalanche forecast on Jan 2, 2019

Glacier NP Avalanche forecast on Jan 2, 2019


*Please note: GSC grooming operations are responsive to WorkSafe BC protocols for avalanche safety and working alone. This means the GSC grooming operations are under the direction of a professional avalanche forecaster, who, at times, applies limits to the terrain that the groomer can pass through and this may affect the grooming product. Please adjust your expectations accordingly. *



Group Rides (Starting January 12 weekend)

Women’s Group Rides (Starting January 19 weekend)

Avalanche Awareness Days Jan 19, 2019

Poker Ride! March 9, 2019

Riley Suhan Invitational – April 6, 2019

GT or DIE, April 20, 2019

Travel on Logging Roads

Please observe proper safety on the logging roads. Radio channel in Silent is RR3

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Approx 170cm of snow at cabin.
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Fees: $25 / Sled
Parking: Parking lot is cleared regularly
Additional notes:

Quartz has been great but it also sees a lot of traffic. If the parking lot is full you can expect some bumps on the trail with all this fresh… but may that makes it worth it. Enjoy the new snow this week.

PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE PARKS! Please don’t sled past a sign and in to the National Park. We got called this week from Parks Canada and they are going to up their enforcement in the area.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Deep dish
Grooms scheduled: Saturday/Monday
Fees: $25 / Sled
Parking: 4km parking lot.
Road: Road is plowed and sanded regularly
Additional notes: Great riding in Gorman and it’s been busy.  The trail is flat heading into this storm but might get a little bumpy by the time we’re able to groom again on Saturday.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Deep
Grooms scheduled: Wed, ... TBC
Fees: $25 / Sled
Parking: ** Grader that cares for road is broken ** Expect marginal conditions to parking at 21 km.
Road: Please use radios on FSR. Channel is RR3
Additional notes:

Trucks with trailers are not recommended to attempt Silent this weekend.  The grader that cares for the road is broken and conditions are not ideal.

Trail was groomed to the end before the groomer went on strike on the way home (at 54 km).  Parts have been ordered for the machine (arriving Monday) so we should be back up and running by Tuesday.

Logging operations are occurring in up the FSR this year but not up the North Fork (where Silent is). Therefore you can drive to the 21km parking lot but expect to encounter industrial vehicles.


Westbench Trail

Conditions: Groomed
Grooms scheduled: January 5
Fees: $25 payable at Gorman or Quartz kiosk
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: It can get bumpy at the Quartz end but has been kept pretty flat otherwise.

Old Man

Conditions: Groomed, powder in the bowl
Grooms scheduled: January 5
Fees: $25, payable at Quartz
Parking: Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Trail is good, once you get off WestBench Trail. It’s gotta be deep up there and it’s not seen much traffic.

East Quartz

Conditions: Unknown
Grooms scheduled: N/A
Fees: $25, payable at Quartz
Parking: Quartz
Road: N/A
Additional notes: No grooms planned in East Quartz until the New Year and the storm snow settles down.

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