Conditions Report: It Ain’t Over Yet!

Things are changing out there these days, but it ain’t over til it’s over! The parking lots and roads are starting to show the Spring’s quick advance into the Sled world, so be prepared!

And if you need something to do this weekend, don’t forget to come join us at Quartz Creek for the Riley Suhan Invitational. For more information, click here. We are FULL and excited to see 100 racers get after it on Saturday!

Photo: Tim Grey / Rider: Riley Suhan / March 25 2022

As exciting as this weekend is going to be, one thing to keep in your mind is that Sled Golden will be done grooming April 10 at the latest. The Silent groomed has already been brought home, but the trail should still be in good shape this weekend! As for Quartz, we are crossing our fingers, but we might be closing up shop early next week do to some gravel hauling that will be happening on the road. Watch social medial for updates.
With that in mind we would really encourage ALL riders to do their best to preserve our trails as much as possible, for the remainder of the season. No one likes whoops so here some trail 101 tips to help you do your part.

1.)   Steady throttle… you can show off the sound of that “after market can” once you get to the riding area.

2.)   If you stop on the trail, gentle acceleration to get going helps decrease whoops. Even if your buddy is adjusting your tail flap… resist the urge to roost ’em!

3.)   We know it can be fun but we’re going for trail preservation so please don’t jump the whoops!

4.)   Zig zagging on the trail or suddenly changing direction tends to leave small ruts in the trail which begin to create more whoops.

Thank you in advance for helping us preserve the trails.  If this is not your normal riding style, the Riley Suhan Invitational is a great way to get it out of your system. And if you didn’t get in this season, there’s always next year!

Gorman Parking Lot – March 2022

The Gorman Parking Lot has been BUSY this year and seems to be remaining this way. If you arrive early in the day, try to be kind and leave space for others, because they are surely on their way!

Plan before you Play!

TCH-1 Highway status

The highway will be closing April 20, 2022 for a month. Until then, check the latest conditions as it relates to the Kicking Horse Canyon highway project here:

Kicking Horse Calendar



Looks like a little bit of precip coming throughout the week. Lots of isolated springtime flurries to keep us on our toes. There might be a bit of a storm coming in on Monday, so watch out for that. Cool spring temps, mostly cloudy skies with sunny periods over the weekend, making for decent race weather!


You can definitely expect firm conditions out there these days with the cool overnight temps. Things will soften up with the sunshine during the day and the warming.

A reminder that wet avalanches become more likely on solar slopes when the crust starts breaking down and the snow becomes wet and heavy!


We are trying our best to stay open until April 10th but the weather is working against us! The Silent Groomer came home yesterday because the road is starting to break up pretty bad! A warning for those, headed in that way, it’s getting mucky!

As for Quartz, the highway construction folks are plowing next week to access the gravel pit. That means we might need to close up Quartz early as well. Stay tuned for more info and watch social media!

Check below for the Garmin grooming map for updates (scroll down to see grooming in REAL TIME).  Let us know how it is out there these days!


Law enforcement has been out and they have noticed a significant increase in snowmobiling boundary infractions into the Parks from the Quartz Creek area. Please be aware of where you can and cannot be. Watch the video below about closures and riding responsibly. We don’t want to lose more terrain because people are disobeying rules, so please be conscious of this and set good examples out there!

Know Where You Ride!





Trail Area Conditions Reports

Quartz Creek

Conditions: It's Spring out there!
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Sunday and as needed!
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at the main highway lot.
Road: No trucks on the road permitted. Park at the highway. Road is gravel at the kiosk.
Additional notes: Trucks and trailers park in the upper lot, trucks with decks park in the lot where the Sled Golden kiosk lives. Thanks!

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Spring riding these days!
Grooms scheduled: Wednesday, Saturday, and as needed.
Fees: $25
Parking: Park at the 3.5km lot. Gravelly conditions.
Road: Road is in good shape.
Additional notes: Equipment hauling happening on the Dogtooth FSR as local contractors perform “right of way” (road building). There’s quite a bit of room for parking at the 3.5km, but keep it tight.  Gorman has been busy this year so be prepared for a full lot!

Silent Pass

Conditions: Spring conditions!
Grooms scheduled: Grooming finished for the season.
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at the 31k
Road: Road is getting soft and muddy so be aware if you choose to go there. It may be softer when you leave in the afternoon.
Additional notes: Grooming is finished at Silent for the season. The road has broken up quite quickly, so be aware that if it’s frozen in the morning it might not be in the afternoon!

East Quartz

Conditions: Spring riding these days!
Grooms scheduled: N/A
Fees: $25
Parking: As per Quartz, Gorman
Road: N/A

Old Man

Conditions: Spring conditions!
Grooms scheduled: N/A
Fees: $25
Parking: At Quartz Creek main parking lot
Road: N/A

Westbench Trail

Conditions: The trail might not be there too much longer!
Grooms scheduled: N/A
Fees: $25
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: N/A
Additional notes: If you’re looking for a cruise and  great views, the WBT is a great option. It’s not going to be there much longer so get it while it lasts!

Grooming Map

The map below is linked to the safety InReaches we have in our groomers and we have been able to make the tracks public.  How to use the map:

  • Press on the + next to the groomer/zone you want the latest information for.
  • Once the line is visible, press on the line to see the date & time the groomer was last in action.

This map only shows the most recent groom. You can inquire at any of our trailheads for additional grooming information, including number of riders since the last groom.

Weather & Avalanche Conditions


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