Conditions Report: It Keeps Coming!

It is unbelievable how much snow is falling in Golden these days. We just finished a major storm cycle and are now into another one. While snow is awesome the real treat might just be the high-pressure system full of sunshine and clear skies forecast for this weekend and next week.  The colder temperatures won’t even feel like a speed bump with all the fresh snow we have out there.

How it’s Been

We have had non-stop snow since last week.  There was as short break from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon but it’s been white-room before and since.  What does that mean? Lots of fresh power to be had. The bad driving means that it’s pretty much been only locals riding in our areas and the highway closures should keep it fresh for this weekend.


After this storm cycle passes were looking toward a high-pressure system (read colder temps and sunny skies) for the next few days. With less precipitation in the forecast make sure you get it while the getting is good.

Check out our favourite weather forecasts here:

Environment Canada / Golden / Great Canadian Heli Skiing (Quartz Creek)

Avalanche Hazards

With all the fresh snow the hazard is HIGH.  Take it easy out there, keep your heads up and look to hit the bigger lines once the forecast settles down with a bit of cold weather coming down the pipe.

Please check with everyday before you head out.

Road Safety

Using a VHF radio on active logging roads is an essential part of having a safe day. Please watch our road safety video to learn more.

Economic Impact Study

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to fill out a survey at one of our trail heads. We are conducting an Economic Impact Study  this winter. We’re hopeful the results of this study will help us  get more  funding to continue to make snowmobiling infrastructure better. Thank you for your patience.

Economic Impact Study questions being asked in all 3 managed areas. Photo @sledbigilnes

Economic Impact Study questions being asked in all 3 managed areas. Photo @sledbigilnes


GT OR DIE: Great news! We’ve announced Saturday April 14th as the date for this year’s GT or DIE races! It’s going to be a good time and there’s expanded events for kids during the early part of the day.

GT or Die gathering is on April 14th.

GT or Die gathering is on April 14th.

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Deep powder in the trees and will be fresh everywhere early this weekend.
Grooms scheduled: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
Fees: $25 - Everyday
Parking: Cleared on Feb 8
Additional notes: Quartz is playing really nice right now. With the accumulations the trail may be more bumpy, quicker than on a cold clear day.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: A lot of wind and snow mean Gorman will be good and sketchy at the same time.
Grooms scheduled: Wed, Sat
Fees: $25 - Everyday except Tues and Wednesday
Parking: Cleared on Tue, will be cleared again before the weekend.
Road: This is not a highway. Take it easy, use a lower gear, and watch for ice. We do our best but the road is not an easy one to maintain.
Additional notes: Gorman is deep in the trees. We had high winds throughout the week. Watch the slabs.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Fresh snow
Grooms scheduled: Fri, Sun
Fees: $25 - Everyday except Tues and Wednesday
Parking: Parking at 7 km until we can source a grader to clear to the 21 km.
Road: Road plowed to the 7 km. We are working on a grader to open it to the 21 km ASAP.
Additional notes: With the long trail ride this year this is possibly the best area to find freshies.  We’ve got the trail tuned up and have put in some additional grooms recently to make sure it stays more flat.  Expect it to be good until about 46 km, then prepare for some whoops over the last 10 km of the trail.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: A lot of new snow
Grooms scheduled: Often groomed on weekends to Wyseman Corner.
Fees: $25 (pay at Gorman Lake trailhead)
Parking: Gorman Lake 3 km parking
Additional notes: The full trail of WBT is not in but if you start at Gorman and go to Wiseman corner and turn around you can have a good ride.

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