Conditions Report: Deep Winter

Golden has seen a full snow reset since the last report. The temps have fluctuated which means avalanche conditions are spicy. Grooming in all our managed areas is scheduled in the next week. Looks like we will see the sun this week.

COVID Protocol:

Nonessential travel is not recommend at this time for both BC and AB.  The latest orders, restrictions and advisories for Covid 19 are here for both BC and Alberta:



The club has posted our COVID protocols here

Please advise yourself and abide by all provincial public health advisories. Sled Golden has a strong contingent of local members and participants and we are focusing on serving them during this time.

Snow and Weather

Approximately 2 feet of snow in the last week with high winds and fluctuating temps.  There’s roughly 20 cms in the forecast but the trend is for more dry skies this week. Looks like temps will trend cooler and the sun will come out to play.



There’s been some sketchy avalanche activity in our zones this week.  Please check for all updated avalanche forecasts and check out the MIN reports for our areas.

Are you new to the backcountry?

Check out Avy Savvy, a newly launched program designed to be a precursor to the Avalanche Canada Training program.


Warm temps typically mean the trails get whooped quicker. We will be working in all our areas in the next week to flatten the trails as best we can.

Insurance and Registration

Just a heads up, the Conservation Officers have been quite active this year checking for both insurance and registration on sleds, as well as for DOT approved helmets (head’s up sled skier/boarders).

Trail Area Conditions Reports

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Good coverage.
Grooms scheduled: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun.
Fees: $25
Parking: Main parking is plowed. Trucks with trailers should park in the upper lots. Trucks without trailers should park anywhere else, please!
Road: Groomed from parking lot.
Additional notes: Pretty deep this week.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Getting Better, but still a lot of rocks.
Grooms scheduled: Wed, Fri, Sun.
Fees: $25
Parking: Park at lower lot 3.5km
Road: Road is in good shape to 3.5 km.
Additional notes: A lot of active log hauling this week. The kiosk attendant can call up the road for you if you don’t have a radio. RR 27 is the channel. Please yield to logging trucks. The Gorman cat broke down on the trail this week and we have been actively solving the problem. If everything goes right, the trail should get groomed on Wednesday and then back to normal Friday and Sunday grooms (fingers crossed). There’s still a lot of lurking rocks up in Gorman and especially in Holt. Tread carefully. Sketchy avalanche conditions on steeper slopes.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Good coverage.
Grooms scheduled: Wed or Thurs/Sat
Fees: $25
Parking: We will put an extra effort in to maintaining the turn around at the 30km this week; there’s a lot of snow to push back. Please DO NOT park at the 27. Please park ON THE ROAD (not in the turn around) at the 30 km. Please keep the turn around free at the 30km so that trucks with trailers can turn around.
Road: The loggers working west of the 27 km point have asked us to please NOT park at the 27km. Reminder, give loggers the right of way. Call your KMs on your VHF radio! Channel RR-3
Additional notes: Still easy to find fresh.

East Quartz

Conditions: Probably deep.
Grooms scheduled: Friday.
Fees: Same for Quartz.
Parking: At Quartz Creek parking (see above)
Road: n/a
Additional notes: This should be the first week of regular Friday grooms into E Quartz. Watch for overhead danger.

Old Man

Conditions: Unreported.
Grooms scheduled: Mon or Tues.
Fees: $25
Parking: At Quartz Creek parking (see above)
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Trail is punched in and got its first groom.  Let us know what you find if you head up that way.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: Quartz to Wiseman corner is pretty bumpy.
Grooms scheduled: Gorman to Active logging area Thurs or Friday. Quartz to Oldman, completed on Monday.
Fees: $25
Parking: Park at Gorman or Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes: WBT is not a continuous trail this year due to logging operations. You can ride from Gorman to just before Wiseman Corner. You can ride from Quartz to Oldman. For both sides, it’s a there-and-back trail. If you ride through the plowed road sections you could get up to a $2500 fine as sledding on plowed roads is illegal.

Weather & Avalanche Conditions


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