Conditions Report: Brrr-aap!💨

Temps sure have been cold this week, but it’s looking to warm up early in the New Year! With the cold and short days we are having, it’s a good idea to take a few extra precautions before heading out.  Throw in some extra warm layers, a headlamp in your pack, survival extras such as an emergency blanket and some warm foods (uhhhh, muff pot anyone?).  Hypothermia is a real possibility at the moment. Our SeaCabin at Gorman and the Quartz Cabin are ready & waiting to help take a bite out of the cold, especially in an emergency!

Photo: Colin Puskas



Plan before you Play!

Plan before you play!

With another COVID variant on our doorstep, be sure to check the latest advisories for Covid 19  for both BC and Alberta:



TCH-1 Highway status

Check the latest conditions as it relates to the Kicking Horse Canyon highway project here:

Kicking Horse Calendar



It’s been cold and it will continue to be cold for a few more days. Stay warm out there. The storms are going to be fairly minimal for the next few days, but the views will be great! The wind will be picking up on the weekend as well.

 Did you know we have two webcams at Quartz Creek? Yes! The Quartz Creek webcams rely on solar power and satellite connections which, combined with the remote location can sometimes be glitchy. Click here to view current conditions/photos.

Quartz Creek Cam #1


The biggest ting to keep in mind right now is that ANY accident may have greater potential for issues due to the cold temps. Remember that as you plan your trips this week!

The recent snow we received has settled quite a bit and has been blown around by the wind. The wind has created pockets of wind slab on all aspects. Watch out for areas where the persistent slab may be more shallow including steep or rocky areas where the snowpack may be thin.

Show proof of your AST training any day this winter and get $5 off your day pass.

Make sure to check for an up to date avalanche forecast EACH DAY and check out the MIN reports.


Grooming has been intermittent due to cold we’ve been experiencing! We are working towards outfitting each cat with a heater so that we don’t have these issues in the future, but it’s crazy how much it costs to maintain those machines! It’s high on the priority list, so stay tuned.  We should be back to our regular grooming operations this weekend. Our groomers are tracked in real time, and can be accessed by everyone. To check it out, scroll down to see the grooming map.



Insurance and Registration

A reminder that it’s important to have your licence plate AFFIXED to your sled. This is an important piece that seems to get missed sometimes. Conservation officers may be out checking for DOT approved helmets as well.


Pack it in, Pack it out!

Please take your garbage with you when you leave Quartz Cabin. We do not have full time staff to clean up after people, so do your part to keep our public spaces clean for everyone!

Trail Area Conditions Reports

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Can't complain, it's still pretty good out there!
Grooms scheduled: Groomed Wednesday, Dec 29
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at the 9k until logging is finished (January 7th). 40 vehicles permitted.
Road: Plowed and graded
Additional notes: There is still active logging at Quartz creek, and we are currently staging at the 9k.  Most days we haven’t reached capacity but the weekends are BUSY at Quartz, and we do have a maximum capacity in effect. This is for the safety of the loggers and the sledders. Check in at the Quartz gate for the most up to date info.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Fair
Grooms scheduled: TBD
Fees: $25
Parking: Park at the 3.5km lot
Road: Road has been in good shape!
Additional notes: Conditions up at Gorman have been all time. Lots of room for parking.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Fair
Grooms scheduled: TBD
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at the 31k
Road: Intermittent grading of the road happening. Be prepared for snowy conditions.
Additional notes: The parking at Silent has improved this season with a large parking lot at the 31k!

East Quartz

Conditions: In great shape!
Grooms scheduled: N/A
Fees: $25
Parking: As per Quartz
Road: n/a

Old Man

Conditions: Decent coverage
Grooms scheduled: Groomed Dec 29
Fees: $25
Parking: At Quartz Creek main parking lot
Road: n/a
Additional notes: Last groomed Dec 29

Westbench Trail

Conditions: Cleared but not groomed yet...
Grooms scheduled: Hopefully in the New Year!
Fees: $25
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: n/a
Additional notes:

Not fully rideable for beginner sledders. There are a few tricky sections (some open water) close to the Old Man area.

If you are heading out on the trail, expect for it to not be continuous the whole way!

Grooming Map

The map below is linked to the safety InReaches we have in our groomers and we have been able to make the tracks public.  How to use the map:

  • Press on the + next to the groomer/zone you want the latest information for.
  • Once the line is visible, press on the line to see the date & time the groomer was last in action.

This map only shows the most recent groom. You can inquire at any of our trailheads for additional grooming information, including number of riders since the last groom.

Weather & Avalanche Conditions


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