Conditions Report: Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions and Thank You

Snowmobile conditions are still amazing in Golden BC but this weekend will mark the end of our winter 2017 grooming operation. We will be performing one more groom in each of our 3 areas this week and then it’s time to put the equipment away. There will be no fees collected anymore this season. Keep reading for more info on trails, snow, weather, and parking.

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A fresh re-set in Gorman Lake on April 19.


We would  like to take the time to say thanks to a bunch of people and organizations who have helped us with another pivotal year of grooming operation.  First is a big thank you to all the members and day customers who paid their fees  and worked with us through good days and bad days to see the winter through. A huge thank you to our sponsors, many of whom have supported us for years, without you, we couldn’t make it all happen. We’d also like to thank The Town of Golden, Tourism Golden, The Columbia Basin Trust, Rec Sites and Trails BC, Parks Canada, and the BCSF for working with us at various levels of administration, and support. Thanks to Magi Scallon who joined us this October as our Executive Director and did an excellent job for a rookie. Thanks to Day2Day books, who has kept our finances in order for the last couple of years.   Thanks to our gate staff for being great, picking up garbage and often going above and beyond.    Thank you to Willowbank Contracting, our grooming contractor, and who worked  hard to keep a demanding schedule in spite of several breakdowns. Big thanks to other contractors who make SledGolden happen: Chatter Creek Holdings, Jackson Contracting, Scat Cat, Best Impressions, Summit Communications, Wallace Creative, Alpine IT, and any others we’ve missed. A big thanks too, to the Golden Snowmobile Club board of directors, who volunteer their time to keep things going.

See you all next season.

PS- If you ever needed incentive to wear your tether, this is it.  

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Looks like the sun is finally coming out to play.

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Quartz Creek

Conditions: Powder, compacted powder.
Grooms scheduled: Last groom of the season April 20th.
Fees: None for the rest of the season
Parking: Parking lot is dirt but the snow starts a couple hundred metres up the road.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Compacted powder, slush, sun effected snow, some preserved deep powder.
Grooms scheduled: Last groom of the season April 20
Fees: No more fees for rest of season.
Parking: Trucks have pushed through to the 14km parking lot and it's snow from that point on.
Road: The road is very rutted and trailers may or may not make it.

Silent Pass

Conditions: Powder in the shade (north slopes) and sun baked snow on south aspects. Everything in between on other aspects.
Grooms scheduled: Last groom of the season April 20
Fees: No more fees for rest of season.
Parking: Parking is about 100m after the McMurdo turn off at 46.5km. Try not to box anyone in. Snow for the trail is right at the parking lot.
Road: The road is long and bumpy and full of mud and puddles.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: Melted out for the season.

Without our sponsors we couldn’t operate. Please support them when you come in to town and tell em we sent ya!