Conditions Report: See Ya Next Year

Well that’s all folks! It’s been an epic season but all good things must come to an end and this weekend will be SledGolden’s last weekend of operations for winter 17/18 season.

First off, we’d like to say a huge set of thank yous to all our sponsors, supporters, staff, volunteers, members and day visitors who all contributed to making snowmobiling great in Golden BC. Our business sponsors are a major reason why SledGolden can operate and we really appreciate their support; please remember to choose these business when you purchase things in Golden.

Like-wise, we have a number of government and civil organizations that contribute in huge ways to keep SledGolden operational through grants and partnerships: The Town of Golden, the Columbia Basin Trust, and Tourism Golden all play a vital role.

A huge thanks to our staff, contractors and volunteers who work behind the scenes to make things happen: all the admin, kiosks, road clearing and sanding, outhouses, trail grooming, brushing, cabin maintenance, fire wood, website, content, signage, avalanche safety, webcams duties don’t just miraculously happen, they get done through hard work and good organization.

Lastly, we want to thank the members and the day visitors for their patronage and loyalty. We know we don’t always get everything right, but working to create a better snowmobiling community is what we live for and we can’t do it without all of us. So thanks everyone. We’re looking forward to serving you next season. Keep your ears open for some exciting things coming from SledGolden in the seasons to come.

How It’s Been.

It’s still super good out there.

Riley Suhan flying in Holt on April 11. Photo Kayli Dentman.

Riley Suhan flying in Holt on April 11. Photo Kayli Dentman.

What's over that ridge?

What’s over that ridge?


There’s 45cms in the forecast this week! And temps are staying cool. Yes, it’s an unbelievable season.
Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.15.05 PM


Please stay tuned to for the most up to date avalanche forecasts.
Conditions may be rated as moderate but that doesn’t mean big events still can’t happen.

This slide from Grizzly bowl was no joke on April 1, 2018

This slide from Grizzly bowl was no joke on April 1, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.17.44 PM
If you see any avalanche action going on, use the Mountain Information Network to share your photos and information.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.28.40 PM


GT OR DIE: SEE YOU THIS SATURDAY FOR THE GT or DIE races! It’s going to be a good time and there’s expanded events for kids during the early part of the day.

GT or Die gathering is on April 14th.

GT or Die gathering is on April 14th.

How sweet was the Riley Suhan Invitational? Read the Re-cap here:

Road Safety

Using a VHF radio on active logging roads is an essential part of having a safe day. Please watch our road safety video to learn more.

Thanks again everyone. See you next year!

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Awesome.
Grooms scheduled: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and one more final groom next week sometime.
Fees: $25- till Sunday April 15.
Parking: Cleared
Road: New access road has been plowed for logging operations - see below**
Additional notes:

Still great snow all over Quartz.

**Please note that logging operations have started in Quartz up to the first gate (approx 3km). Riders need to stay off the road and on the trail on the side. This is critical. We will have to share access to Quartz with the loggers this spring.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Compacted powder and blown in powder
Grooms scheduled: Friday and then one more next week
Fees: $25- till Sunday April 15.
Parking: 3.5km - new parking lot is very muddy
Road: Road is in good condition but watch for ice with freeze-thaw conditions
Additional notes:

Gorman is in great shape.

Please park efficiently. Many people don’t show up till the afternoon.


Silent Pass

Conditions: Awesome
Grooms scheduled: done for the season
Fees: no charge
Parking: Parking at 21km.
Road: Logging in progress. Please use caution!
Additional notes: Road in is pretty beat. No more grooming means bad whoops. Enjoy the powder once you’re in there.

Westbench Trail

Conditions: still ridable
Grooms scheduled: done for season
Fees: no charge
Parking: Gorman or Quartz (see above)
Additional notes: Still ridable but snow is getting soft and mushy.