Conditions Report: A Little Bit of Sun and a Little Bit of Snow!

What a week it’s been! A little bit of fresh snow combined with some wind transport made for some fun freshies.  It’s looking DRY for the remainder of the week, so don’t expect blower pow and face shots. We are crossing our fingers for some fresh white stuff on Sunday and Monday to give us a bit of a reset. Here’s what it looks like up at Silent right now…tracks everywhere!

Silent Pass / Jan 25 2022 / Photo: Tim Grey

We saw some avalanche activity this past week including a slide in Cabin Valley at Quart. This is a reminder to keep your heads up out there. We have a bit of a complicated snowpack this year, so keep following the forecasts to stay current and up to date.

Quartz Update: There is still logging happening at the 4k, so please use the side “bench” trail for the first 4 kms of road. Gate Attendants will be staging sledders at the kiosk and permitting travel every 20 minutes to allow logging trucks to come down the road. Please check in at the gate and wait to be called up.

From the 4k, you will find a groomed trail! Have fun out there!


Plan before you Play!

Check the latest advisories for Covid 19  for both BC and Alberta:



TCH-1 Highway status

Check the latest conditions as it relates to the Kicking Horse Canyon highway project here:

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Another mild week is forecasted with the sun making an appearance Thursday and Friday.  Some flurries late this weekend and into early next week. Hopefully they’ve under estimated this one!


There was a lot of activity this past week including a snowmobile triggered size 2 in Cabin Valley at Quartz Creek. Check out the MIN report here. As well as a snowmobile trigger avalanche in Hospital Creek. Check out the MIN report here.

Please stay safe out there and be sure to check the forecast here each day for accurate up to date information as the situation continues to change, day by day!



When it comes to grooming, be sure to check social media for updates and always watch the Garmin grooming map (scroll down to see grooming in REAL TIME!). We plan to groom as often as is necessary, based on usage of the trails

We are very happy that parking at Quartz is back to the main lot. There is still logging happening at the 4km so we ask everyone remain on the “bench” trail beside the road until the 4km mark at which point the trail goes back to “normal” groomed conditions.




Trail Area Conditions Reports

Quartz Creek

Conditions: Great! But tons of tracks everywhere...
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Sunday and as needed!
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at the main highway lot. No limits!
Road: Side "bench" trail built for snowmobile use until the 4k. Please use it and stay off the FSR when possible.
Additional notes:

There is still active logging at Quartz creek at the 4km marker. There is a side “bench” trail that is meant to be travelled on. Please stay off the FSR as it is illegal to travel on it.  This is for the safety of everyone. Travel slow and pay attention.

Check in at the Quartz gate for the most up to date info.

Gorman Lake

Conditions: Sunny and beautiful!
Grooms scheduled: Friday, Sunday.
Fees: $25
Parking: Park at the 3.5km lot
Road: Road has been in good shape!
Additional notes:

Conditions up at Gorman have been excellent, but it will be well tracked out by now. The snow is coming!

Equipment hauling happening on the Dogtooth FSR as local contractors perform “right of way” (road building). There’s quite a bit of room for parking at the 3.5km, but keep it tight.  Gorman has been busy this year so be prepared for a full lot!

Silent Pass

Conditions: Great, as usual!
Grooms scheduled: Saturday, Wednesday and as needed
Fees: $25
Parking: Parking at the 31k
Road: Road grading occurring with anticipation of logging this week.
Additional notes: The road to Silent is in good shape at the moment, and don’t forget, we have a parking lot at the 31 k which is new this year. Expect active logging to be happening now, so have your radio handy!

East Quartz

Conditions: Rough travel in at the moment - grooming planned for Thursday
Grooms scheduled: Thursday
Fees: $25
Parking: As per Quartz, Gorman
Road: N/A
Additional notes: The trail in is in rough shape, but the plan is to have it back up and running for this weekend. Stay tuned for more information.

Old Man

Conditions: Can't complain!
Grooms scheduled: Thursday - and as needed
Fees: $25
Parking: At Quartz Creek main parking lot
Road: N/A

Westbench Trail

Conditions: Cleared and soon to be groomed
Grooms scheduled: Thursday
Fees: $25
Parking: Gorman or Quartz
Road: N/A
Additional notes: Logging has slowed down on the Donald FSR. We are looking to groom the whole trail this week, but stay tuned to updates. We will provide info once it’s ready.

Grooming Map

The map below is linked to the safety InReaches we have in our groomers and we have been able to make the tracks public.  How to use the map:

  • Press on the + next to the groomer/zone you want the latest information for.
  • Once the line is visible, press on the line to see the date & time the groomer was last in action.

This map only shows the most recent groom. You can inquire at any of our trailheads for additional grooming information, including number of riders since the last groom.

Weather & Avalanche Conditions


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